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About the Job

Chorus One is looking for a Research Analyst to assist our distributed organization of around 10 people. We are in various work streams related to research, analysis, communications, and marketing focused on staking and other decentralized finance protocols. This is an exciting opportunity to gain insights into an emerging industry that is building cutting-edge technology laying the foundation for an internet-native, open, and permissionless financial system. We are looking for a driven individual to help us optimize our decision-making and ensure the success of our products.

Chorus One is operating validator nodes on Proof of Stake networks such as Cosmos, Polkadot, Terra, Celo, Solana and NEAR allowing users to stake their cryptocurrency and earn rewards for securing and maintaining these platforms. Since we began operating, our customers have earned staking rewards worth over $6 million with around $100 million worth of tokens currently at stake with us.

### **Responsibilities**
* Research and compile relevant information around protocol designs and network updates for our internal organization and customers.
* Create content and engage in communities to assist our customer acquisition and retention.
* Identify, obtain, maintain, and analyze relevant data and metrics to assist our internal organization and customers.
* Help us articulate and develop our long-term strategy and decision making criteria.

### The ideal candidate:
* Can communicate well in both oral and written form
Has experience in structured research and data-driven analysis and is able to reliably synthesize important financial as well as technical data and information.
* Can take initiative and work independently.
* Has a private interest in cryptocurrencies and is or wants to become more active in the community, especially around staking and/or decentralized finance (e.g. Cosmos, Polkadot, Compound, Maker,...).
* Knowledge of office software (Excel, Powerpoint, Word) required.
* Experience in design tools like Figma or tools for statistical analysis are a bonus.

### Benefits
* Autonomy, a friendly and supportive work environment and the opportunity for rapid growth.
* Competitive salary + equity.
* All-expense paid quarterly team retreats at exotic destinations (Coronavirus permitting). Past retreats took place in Egypt, Serbia, Kenya, USA and South Korea.
* Remote work
* Gather experience and build your network in the vibrant crypto ecosystem
* Learn about state of the art protocols that lay the foundation for an open, transparent, and programmable financial system

### Application
To apply, please send a
* Cover Letter
* Resume
* A document (max. 2 pages) covering one of the following topics:
1. What important truth about Proof-of-Stake do very few people agree with you on?
2. Describe the purpose of slashing penalties and their impact on the long-term evolution of the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem.


communication, research, analysis, crypto


$60-110k + Equity + Equity

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