Sales and Business Development Lead at Xportal

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About the Job

Xportal is a token management platform for crypto projects that would like to have a turn-key one-stop-shop for everything token-related for their users (token claiming, native staking, LP staking, multi-bridge, OTC form, etc).

After building it as part of our internal tech stack, other projects started reaching out and asking if they could use it. This turned out to be wildly profitable – in the last 4 months it was used by 6 projects already and generated a six-figure revenue. No marketing, no sales.

We want to move forward and properly structure our inbound and outbound sales channels. Starting with a basic website. We believe there’s a lot of opportunity with projects launching a token and not wanting to build these essential components from scratch.

To do this, we need a senior biz dev/sales rockstar with experience in digital and passion for everything crypto.

πŸ”§ What will you be doing?

- 100% own lead generation and sales funnel for all Xportal accounts
- Prepare all marketing and sales materials (we have internal design and tech teams, but you lead the way)
- Find pre-IDO or pre-token launch projects
- Find new ways of engaging with new and existing projects
- Find ways to upsell existing client base
- Document prospect interaction in a variety of tools to ensure efficient lead management
- Partner with important industry players (ie. launchpads, exchanges, etc.)
- Attend conferences to engage directly with upcoming projects
- Hire and manage assistants/other staff required to scale biz dev/sales
- Serve as the first point of contact for all accounts

πŸ’‘ What skills do you need?

- Strong desire to work in Sales at an early-stage startup
- 3 years of customer-facing work experience (SaaS sales experience is a plus)
- 3 years involved in the crypto space (even if just as a private investor)
- Experience with sales/lead gen/pipeline tools
- Excellent communication skills, including cold-calling and email
- Expert time-management within a fast-paced environment
- You’re really a shark in human disguise 🦈

πŸ† Perks

- Fully Remote - work from anywhere
- Equity available
- All travel and conference expenses paid

πŸ’° Compensation

- Base $70-90k / year (via consultant contract, invoice)
- Progressive bonus chart, 10-30% from every deal

Upon signing the contract, we would start with a 3-month trial to see how good we are as a team.


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