Senior Backend Firebase Developer at Ready Games Network

383 days ago
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About the Company

ABOUT READY The Ready Games Network is enabling social gaming infrastructure for the Web3 creator economy. With its $Aura token, the platform and developer dashboard enables dev teams to support their games with a social layer, support NFTs and the ability to enable Web3 game economies. Developers have access to a robust SDK allowing them to integrate various features easily into their games; features include: Cross-game 2D/3D avatar and UGC marketplace, NFT portal/ smart contract management & minting, Player wallet, Player authentication, In-Game and Blockchain currency management, Play-to-Earn mechanics, Social layer features, integration of blockchain token $Aura. With an average 2x increase in D30, average AARPU of $23, and average lift session time by 40% - developers can easily launch their Web3 mobile games.

About the Job

Ready is looking for a senior Backend Firebase Developer, who will be responsible for developing and optimizing Readyโ€™s backend

Maintain and develop the Ready Backend under the management of the CTO
Optimize and expand our current Firebase infrastructure
Develop the reporting and the analytic strategy (Firebase/ Google analytics/ RGN SDK)
Help to create on-chain/off-chain data management of RGN

Extensive experience with Firebase, in particular scaling Firebase to support a large number of users.
Extensive experience utilizing and building on Cloud platform & Cloud Functions
Ability to refactor or move cloud functions in order to stop them from timing out
Experience with mobile game development
Technical understanding of distributed systems and/or blockchain technology


Firebase, Google Cloud, Backend


8000/ Month