Senior C++ Blockchain Developer at Atlas City

Senior C++ Blockchain Developer

Atlas City
London, UK
Posted 180 days ago

Atlas City is an engineer-lead company that has put together a great team of blockchain developers, engineers, researchers and businessmen.

We provide a wide range of services for enterprises and institutions across the globe, taking advantage of the new technologies to increase efficiency and stay ahead of our competitors.

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Your role:

You will be working within the engineering team, taking ownership of several tasks to further advance our roadmap deployment.

You will be joining the back-end engineer team and working alongside the front-end development team, depending on the engineers’ team schedule.

You will proactively contribute to the idea generation process and will be able to work autonomously or with peers to accomplish tasks.

You will mentor junior members of the team, if appropriate.

You will actively engage with the growing developer community around Atlas City, participating in our social channels, such as Github and Discord.

Job Requirements:

• At least 1-year expertise in one (or more) blockchain project(s)

• Experience working in different areas of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies including consensus mechanisms, implementing support for running smart contracts, and new cryptographic solutions

• Strong C++ development experience

• Experience contributing to open-source software projects and understanding open-source communities’ dynamics

• Unafraid of the command line (Bash) and Linux!

• Experience in leading highly skilled teams of software engineers

• Knowledge of multi-threading and concurrency

• Knowledge of unit testing and E2E testing

• Experience working in Agile Scrum or Kanban

Desirable experience:

o Another backend scripting language like NodeJS/PHP/Java/Python

o Experience producing simulations and developing test networks

o Ability to put your thoughts in written form and producing written articles that support our thought leadership and content creation strategy

o Senior contributor to a major blockchain protocol project such as Ethereum, Neo, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, R3 Corda, Hyperledger

What’s in it for you:

• Competitive Salary + Equity + Performance bonuses

• The opportunity to present relevant work at conferences around the globe

• Join a growing, intelligent team that will drive business change

• Opportunity to make an impact on the team, applying the skills you've learnt

• A company with a start-up culture, in a friendly and fast-paced environment

• All the free coffee and beer that you can drink

Interview process:

o You will have to complete a C++ test (20 questions total - 60 minutes). Please be aware that applicants that do not submit the test will be automatically disqualified. The test is available at this link:

o If successful, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview with several members of the team.

o If you’re a match and are enthusiastic to join Atlas City adventure, you will receive an offer.

Important: At this moment we are not able to issue a work visa, so you need to have the right to work in the United Kingdom.


C++, Blockchain, Engineering


90000 + Equity

Applications for this job are currently closed.

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