Senior Developer Relations at Giza

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About the Company

We're a cutting-edge team behind the Giza protocol, an exciting new project set to bring about the next paradigm shift in machine learning. We are building the foundational infrastructure to have AI Agents connected to smart contracts in a trust-minimized way using ZKML.

About the Job

You'll be instrumental in driving the adoption and success of our developer tools and products.

Our primary objective is to ensure developers have a seamless, efficient experience when integrating our tools into their workflows. The role involves close interaction with both internal development teams and the external developer community. You will lead the effort in advocating, educating, and supporting developers, expanding our user base by leading user acquisition strategies, creating resources such as tutorials, documentation, and engaging with the community through conferences and online platforms. Your role is pivotal in shaping how our tools are perceived and used, ensuring they are approachable, well-documented, and supported.

Key Responsibilities:

• Product Development Leadership: Collaborate closely with the engineering team to influence and develop the product roadmap based on feedback and trends observed within the developer community. Ensure our products meet the evolving needs of developers and businesses.
• Ecosystem Expansion: Strategically lead initiatives to grow our developer ecosystem. Identify and engage with potential partners, contributors, and users to foster a vibrant community around our products. Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the AI, web3 and developer communities.
• Developer Onboarding: Design and implement comprehensive onboarding programs for AI developers. Create resources, guides, and tutorials that simplify the integration process of our products, making them accessible to developers with varying levels of expertise.
• Community Engagement: Act as the face of Giza within the developer community. Organize and participate in industry events such as talks, workshops, and conferences to showcase our products, share knowledge, and gather insights. Develop and execute a content strategy that includes blogs, social media, and other channels to keep the community informed and engaged.
• Research: Conduct thorough research on ZKML, applications, and methodologies to apply it in the AI space. Stay abreast of the latest developments within the ZKML developer community to ensure Giza's strategies and products are at the forefront of innovation.
• Content Creation: Leverage insights from research to produce compelling and informative content. This includes writing technical blogs, white papers, case studies, and research reports that not only educate the community but also highlight Giza's expertise and thought leadership in the AI industry for verifiable ML.

Must Have:

• 3+ years of experience in developer relations, advocacy, or technical community management.
• Proven track record of managing and growing developer communities, acquiring and retaining users.
• Strong communication skills with the ability to create engaging presentations and content.

Nice to Have:

• Experience with programming in environments like Python or Rust.
• Prior experience in software development or engineering roles.
• Familiarity with the challenges faced by developers in integrating new technologies.
• Prior experience working and evolving Open Source projects and growing them.


Growth, DevRel, User Acquisition, Product, Machine Learning, Web3


$84,000 - $110,000