Senior Distributed Systems Engineer at cLabs

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About the Job

At cLabs, the team working on the open source platform Celo, our mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for all.

cLabs is seeking a Senior Distributed Systems Engineer to join our Blockchain Team. Our team is responsible of the celo's blockchain node; that is the software that maintains a p2p network; where the validators reach consensus new blocks, that then every other nodes syncs & validates. Our node is based on go-ethereum software with several transformations (like the consensus engine) that makes the celo blockchain unique. Our main challenges are scaling the network, improving its security and resiliency; and adding new features to the celo ecosystem that can only be done at the node's level (like paying gas with an ERC20 token).

We work alongside other engineering teams within cLabs. This includes other platform teams such as the Contracts and Primitives team, as we constantly access smart contracts as part of our operations, and the Economics team, to design and implement the right incentives for our validators and full nodes. We also partner with user-facing teams such as the Wallet and Developer Experience teams, as a big part of our job is to make end users' and contributors' lives easier. This is a role with wide exposure to many areas of the stack, and you'll quickly get acquainted with all the moving parts in a modern blockchain project.

You will
Design, Architecture & implement solutions within celo-blockchain (layer 1 & 2). Topic will vary, some examples are network protocols, decentralised protocols, systems throughput optimisations, scalability.
Work within a Teal Organization, with involves working among peers, with a high degree of autonomy and opportunity to contribute to the company at any level
Coach & Mentor other engineers in a constant learning culture.

You have
4+ years of experience working on distributed systems, preferable within the blockchain space
Autonomy & ability to design complex systems
Passion for growing others
BONUS: Good understanding of blockchain-related cryptography (public key, BLS signatures, MACs, etc)
BONUS: Experience with low-level database programming
BONUS: Experience working on systems optimization
BONUS: 2+ years of experience working with Go


geth, go-ethereum, go, distributed systems


tbd + Equity

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