Senior Full Stack FE Developer at FIO - Foundation for Interwallet Operability

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About the Job

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO, is looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to lead design and development of the FIO SDKs, develop FIO applications, and work with crypto wallet and exchange partners integrating FIO functionality.

FIO Protocol is fully open source ( with documentation and REST APIs ( FIO Protocol is built on a blockchain platform that uses C++ as its smart contract programming language. Underlying the blockchain is a WebAssembly virtual machine which executes smart contract code. Blockchain functionality is accessed via an API. Integration of FIO features by crypto wallets and exchanges is facilitated by Typescript, Kotlin, and iOS SDKs.

- Design and develop new features for the FIO Typescript, Kotlin, and Swift SDKs
- Develop UI/UX for Android and iOS crypto wallets
- Work with the development teams of our wallet partners to support integration
- Configure and maintain a development environment for mobile (iOS and Android), and browser-based wallets
- Develop UI/UX for FIO web and mobile applications (mainly Javascript)
- Build task lists and estimate task duration
- Ensure that all code meets quality objectives in functionality, performance, stability, and security
- Collaborate with the broader team to identify, understand, and resolve the root cause of development roadblocks
- Participate in daily standup meetings to review progress and discuss issues with other team members

- Experience with Java/Kotlin development
- Experience with JavaScript/NodeJS development
- Experience with Swift/iOS development
- Experience with developing mobile applications on Android and iOS
- Ability to accurately estimate task durations and meet schedules
- Excellent work ethic, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail


Typescript, Kotlin, Swift, Mobile, SDK


8,000-14,000 USD/month depending on experience

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