Senior Golang & Cosmos SDK dev at Quasar Labs

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About the Company

At Quasar, we are creating a space for everyone to benefit from the growth of DeFi. As a Senior Golang/Cosmos SDK developer you will be responsible for and take part in the development in the software architecture, development, and maintenance of a new Cosmos SDK & Tendermint based blockchain.

About the Job


- Brainstorm and develop new features taking into account both, user experience and implementation details.
- Perform code reviews.
- Write high quality and well tested Golang code, following the latest design and development patterns.
- Ensure that the project and engineering duties are fulfilled, being responsible for solving any engineering issue that comes up in a project.
- Lead the development and guarantee quality products are shipped consistently according to the company roadmap.
- Provide support to the development team: answer technical questions, propose different approaches to solve technical problems and train new employees.
- Lead and participate in audit sessions (and create remediation documents) and follow Agile-like processes.
- Document the requirements, architecture, and proposed design to deliver the software solution.
- Explore Cosmos SDK projects and other projects to be built.
- Constantly improve yourself by keeping up to date with the latest technologies trends.

Required Skills

- A deep understanding of building performant, scalable microservices.
- Strong computer science fundamentals including network, storage, OS, data structures, transpilers /compilers, etc.
- 4 + years Hands-on expertise in blockchain architecture, design, development, and maintenance.
- 3 + years of experience writing Golang with a good understanding of best practices, its concurrency primitives, go/* packages, and reflection.
- Experience in creating microservices, working with tools like Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Terraform.
- 2+ years of professional experience with Cosmos SDK and good understanding and working knowledge of Tendermint.
- Interest in topics such as proof-of-stake, consensus algorithms, cryptography, etc.
- Contribution to open-source projects.
- At least one production-ready blockchain project.
- Bachelorโ€™s Degree in computer science, Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics will be nice to have.
- Ability to write maintainable, extensible, and test-driven code base.
- Good understanding of EVMs will be nice to have.
- Excellent communication skills.


Golang, Cosmos SDK, Tendermint


$60000 / $150000 a year + Equity

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