Senior Marketing Manager at a-Qube

Senior Marketing Manager


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Imagine a society are ideas were the only currency. If your innovative idea were to be represented as a token which you could exchange for anything, what would you do with it? How would you spend your token?

Imagine a marketplace of ideas, where innovation is not siloed in boxes, produced and packaged somewhere in a series of small cubicles within a gigantic corporation, but rather self-organized… human.

Where real people ideate and develop the products which real people are going to use. A chain of innovation based on a human layer, where ideas are the currency used to transact value between each other.

The core concept of the ‘Marketplace of Ideas’ refers to freedom of expression analogous with a free market environment, and it states that the truth — as in true value — will emerge from a transparent competition of ideas in a free market, where the participants establish the relevance of an idea for the benefit of the community in a meritocratic process, based on a public vote

a-Qube is building a place where ideas have value.
Feel free to be part of it.



As we enter our Growth phase, we are looking for a talented Senior Marketing Executive to work in a collaborative and creative environment in a ground-breaking FinTech company.

1. Be responsible for growing a-Qube’s community.
2. Prepare, execute and evaluate a-Qube Marketing Strategy together with the CEO & COO
3. Design and execute creative campaigns across different channels
4. Improve the visibility and conversion rates of a-Qube mobile app
5. Grow a-Qube’s ecosystem by identifying and negotiate relevant partnerships & leads.
6. Track, monitor and report the success of all marketing activities
7. Find and capture growth opportunities in Europe and abroad
8. Regularly align with other teams such as product, tech, and legal to ensure that the marketing activities are appropriate and relevant for our goals

1. EU or US citizens only.
2. Native or Native-level English speakers only.
3. At least 3+ years of experience as Marketing Executive or equivalent.
4. Comfortable and experienced with both B2B and B2C marketing.
5. A leader and a team-player, comfortable in taking responsibilities, establishing KPIs and working independently.
6. Data-driven and comfortable with performance metrics.
7. Good project management skills.

1. Knowledge, experience and understanding of the crypto-space
2. Previous experience / knowledge in Sharing Economics and Alternative Finance (crowdfunding, decentralized systems, p2p lending, ...)
3. Existing network with the Press (magazines, media outlets, podcasts, …), potential partners and VCs.

The position is Full-time, fully remote - invaluable career opportunity to build a revolutionary product and enter the Blockchain space by joining a game-changing company and an experienced, successful team of Executives.


Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Growth Hacking; Partnership Management; Fundraising; Strategy; Project Management; Account Management; Program Management; Event Management; Design


Tokens + Equity

Applications for this job are currently closed.

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