Senior NodeJS Engineer [Remote] at Bitfinex

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About the Job

Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers. We're on a mission to create the most innovative cryptocurrencies exchange. This is a unique opportunity, a rare window of time at the tipping point of the financial evolution. Much like the early days of the internet, blockchain technology faces complex new challenges and having the best team plays a pivotal role in success.

Our team is fully remote and globally distributed to capture the best talent from around the world. So far our company has grown fast and stayed lean to secure its place as a leader in the space.

If you get excited about being in an industry that is breaking new ground and have confidence you can conquer the most challenging feats we'll encounter, we want to talk to you. Join us, and help lay the foundation for a decentralized future.

Currently looking for:
Senior Backend/Blockchain Developer [Remote]

Job description
We’re currently looking for a Senior Back-end Developer to join our team. The Bitfinex backends are mainly using Node.js. The position requires expert JS/Node.js experience and is available to anyone self-driven, and with the experience, motivation and capacity to contribute to our vision. You will work remotely. Self-motivation is essential for all our team members. No one on the team will micro-manage you. We are looking for team members who are comfortable using their initiative and seeing it through to completion. You will be part of a dynamic, fast-paced team, and have the chance to shape the direction of Bitfinex as we grow.

Knowledge and experience with microservices architecture
Experience with blockchain integration
Comfortable with high-availability concepts
Have actively participated in the development of a sophisticated platform as one of the leading developers
Ability to quickly learn new technologies
Exceptional JavaScript skills, ability to performance optimize code, Ruby, Rust or C++ skills are a plus
Other technologies of interest: Message queues (ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ), Job Queues





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