Senior Product Designer at ConsenSys

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ConsenSys is a venture production studio and the leading technology firm in blockchain globally. We deliver products, solutions and platforms built using blockchain technology to transform how business is done in complex network of buyers, suppliers and consumers.

Our teams are busy at work building the future of identity, financial markets, commerce, the music industry, security, and infrastructure, and more. To accomplish this we've built out a flat organizational structure which we call the ConsenSys Mesh: a network of individuals & teams working autonomously and towards the same goal. Our mission is to use these decentralized solutions to fundamentally reshape the economic, social, and political operating systems of the planet. If you are someone that thrives in a fast-paced environment where being self-directed, determined, and resilient are a requirement, we would love for you to join us.

*About the role:*

We are currently seeking a Senior Product Designer with a passion for decentralization and an interest in disrupting the digital advertising industry. As a Senior Product Designer at ConsenSys, you will take products from ideation and rough prototypes to high fidelity designs, relentlessly validating and pushing for accessible, delightful design solutions.

*About the Cryptosystems Productization Lab at ConsenSys:*

The Cryptosystems Productization Lab at ConsenSys has a broad mandate to productize cryptoeconomic technologies, in particular TCRs, across as many domains as possible. The strategic mission of the CPL is to move beyond theory and discover the limits and real properties of novel cryptosystems by observing them in production, and using that data to improve them through design and engineering.

We have currently launched one product in digital advertising, adChain, and are actively investing in revamping its user experience. You will be our Senior Designer on the product, working in direct partnership with some of our key business stakeholders, and your choices will directly affect the vision and development of the product.

*As a Senior Product Designer, you will:*

Develop storyboards, prototypes, and high-fidelity visual design to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
Collaborate with the rest of the product team to develop a roadmap of how new features and improvements will affect the user experience over time
Actively give and solicit feedback from other designers in order to continually raise the bar for quality
Mentor junior designers or interns, growing and iterating on our design culture by participating in design-team-wide initiatives such as recruiting, developing design principles, and improving design tools and process

*What we ask for:*

- Demonstrated ability to learn new things quickly
- Desire to work in a company that strives to operate with minimal hierarchy
- Desire and competence for self-directed work that produces value without needing to be told what is worth doing

*Relevant experience:*

- You have 6+ years of experience working as a product designer
- You have solved complex problems with elegant, shipped product—evidenced in an online portfolio featuring end-to-end product design
- You demonstrate product vision and use data and experimentation to provide product direction
- You’re excellent at articulating design decisions, presenting to clients or stakeholders
- You’re effective at prototyping at varying levels of fidelity
- Demonstrated ability to multitask, analyze opportunities, define successful approaches and proactively solve problems.
- You demonstrate solid leadership skills and an ability to develop strong partnerships with product managers and engineers

*Bonus Points:*

- Experience working as part of a remote team
- Previous active participation in cryptocurrency communities
- Experience in marketing, media management, or digital advertising
- Demonstrated interest in Ethereum, smart contracts, and/or cryptoeconomics

*Here are some of the perks of being part of a unique organization like ConsenSys:*

- The forefront of a revolution. At ConsenSys we fundamentally believe that a next generation of technologies presents the opportunity to create a more just and equitable society.
- A dynamic startup environment. ConsenSys is a thought leader in the blockchain space and we are absorbing a significant portion of the mindshare. This is both exciting and challenging, as we learn to scale our organization while adhering to the principles of decentralization.
- Continuous learning. You’ll be constantly exposed to new languages, frameworks and ideas from your peers and as you work on different projects -- challenging you to stay at the top of your game.
- Deep technical challenges. This entire ecosystem is about 10 years old. Ethereum itself is still a toddler. There is much work to be done before these platforms can scale to the order of millions or billions of users. ConsenSys is building the technology platforms that can get us to those next thresholds of scale.


fast prototyping, design thinking, UX/UI design


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