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About the Job

Zignaly's Development Team is hiring a QA engineer! We are accepting applications now. You will be our first dedicated QA hire working to build out our quality assurance processes to identify issues before they get pushed to production.

We are still a small team (just five developers), so you will still be considered one of the first teammates of Zignaly.

About You
You are a manager of one. You come with your own goals and executes them. You don't need heavy direction or daily check-ins. You set the tone, assign items, and determine what needs to get done first inside the project's scope. You'll set direction, take ownership, make calls, and see things through without a lot of oversight.

You'll be able to communicate clearly with your colleagues, work across teams, and lend a helping hand when needed. The team is significantly better when you are around.

You have a keen eye for detail and care about it.

You have extensive experience (more than five years) in a similar role.

We don't care about your educational background; we care about what you can do now, a strong record of managing our tech stack.

About the Job
Your time will be split between manual testing, building test automation, and evolving our QA tools and processes. We currently have a core of Behast tests; you will take ownership of these and increase our coverage.

You'll configure test environments for both manual and automated tests.
5 years of experience working as a Quality Assurance Engineer.
Knowledge of QA concepts and methodology.
Experience writing test plans, test strategies, test automation, and test cases.
Knowledge of at least one programming or scripting language: Python, Java, C++, etc.
Extensive experience with Selenium
These are some of the things we do currently to give you a sense of what you'll be doing day-to-day.

Review the main website after important deploys to be sure that everything works.
Implement more than 20k unit tests in our accounting process.
Research solutions for automating the website checks.
As you can see a lot of job to do in this area.

About Zignaly
Zignaly offers alternative investment opportunities through cryptocurrencies to benefit as many people as possible, independently of where they are from or their starting capital. Zignaly aims to be the option that retail investors think about when considering including cryptocurrencies in their portfolios.

We have been operating since 2018, received a seed investment in 2019, and recently did a token sale, raising $3m.

Zignaly is a fully remote company (before Covid, we already were fully remote). We hire globally, but we ask for at least 4 hours of overlap with UTC +2 Time zone. We prefer that you don't have to alter your life patterns to work (sleeping during the day, working late afternoon/evening).

We embrace all different backgrounds and identities to apply, Zignaly is a multi-cultural team, and we'd love to learn from you.

Due to the company's location, we offer a contractor role on comparable terms and equal pay/benefits to domestic employees.

Benefits & Compensation
Salary between $60,000 - $90,000 per year, depending on your prior experience.
100% remote.
Paid vacations
100,000 Zigcoins.
How to Apply
Please apply from CryptoJobs, telling us about yourself, why you want to work at Zignaly, and why you think the team will be better having you around. Don't focus on your skills (just a link to your Linkedin profile is enough). Instead, let us know what you do with your skills that excites you.

Did you already know Zignaly? Do you use it? What would you change?

What about trading? Any passion about it? Do you invest in something, even not related to crypto?

The Application Process
The next few days after receiving your application, we'll read it and check your Linkedin profile. If we think you could be a good match, we'll send you a small task. Nothing crazy, a recommendation based on your experience about some part that we aren't doing. It should be something that you can do in 3-5 hours. If everything goes well, we'll schedule a video call so that we can know each other. After the call, we'll keep you updated until we make our selection.

Before the task, if we don't get excited about your application, we won't provide any feedback, so if you didn't hear from us in a week, you could assume that you haven't been selected. After that, we'll let you know and provide feedback regarding our decision.

Once you have been selected, you'll receive an offer from us.

If you finally join us, you will start on support. This period can go from two weeks to one month, where we expect you to understand what's Zignaly, how the users feel about it, how the day-to-day communication is, and meet a good part of the team.

From there, you will start taking ownership of the QA area, detecting what needs to be done and how. This goes from creating and implement tests to also creating guidelines for the developers.


test automation, test case, python, selenium



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