Senior Server-Side Engineer at CRASTONIC Ltd

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About the Job


- As a server-side engineer, you will be in charge of designing the optimal architecture for the Decir service including developing APIs for Decir FE app, backend functions system administrators, and maintaining infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform. All functions must be clearly tested and well documented, verified by the leader.
- As an active developer, you will think about what kind of features users will need, and you will be entrusted with overall server-side work such as application performance improvement, tuning, analytics, and function development necessary to improve UX.
- Furthermore, you will need to work on different technologies not limited to NodeJS, and Python…but can be HTML, CSS, React…Depends on Business requirements.
- Also, depending on your performance, you may be asked to play a role such as a tech lead, EM, or CTO as the development system expands in the future.


- Those who have a high degree of empathy for our vision and values
- Those who have good communication skills (better if you have remote working experience), respect other members, and behave professionally in remote work environments.
- Those who can create a design image and plan, and actively proceed with development by moving their own hands.
- Those who can think about how development should be from both UX and technical perspectives can proceed while proposing and discussing ideas with the team.
- Those who are motivated to grow with a view to stepping up, such as team lead and management
- Those who want to create a top service from scratch
- Those who feel motivated to steadily improve the quality of their products
- Those who can explain logically and clearly to people with low literacy


- Experience in developing and operating services using Golang and GCP
- Development experience using RDBMS such as Postgres
- Experience working with Docker, Linux commands, vim
- Experience developing WebSocket
- Experience in developing a web apps using HTML, and CSS (i.e making content management systems)
- Work experience using git, GitHub, or similar version control tools and services
- API implementation experiences such as REST and RPC
- Estimated work experience 3-5 years
- Fluent English communication skills


- Experience using K8s
- Experience using CI/CD services such as GCP Cloudbuild, GitHub CI
- Experience in developing high-performance, distributed, large-traffic web applications
- Experience in using other backend technologies like NodeJS, WordPress PHP, NextJS
- Experience in working with ReactJS or Solidity
- Experience working in Blockchain is a plus


Golang (Or willing to learn), Docker or Kubernetes, Java, Python, NodeJS, Javascript/Html (prefer Full Stack).Better to have DevOps skill, not mandatory. Web3 project experience preferred.


$12k - $42k

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