Senior software Dev/Architect at P2P Models

Senior software Dev/Architect

P2P Models
Posted 660 days ago

P2P Models aim is to build decentralized, democratic & economically sustainable Collaborative Economy organizations, aided by blockchain technologies. Working at P2P Models is an opportunity to collaborate with people passionate to create social impact, in an environment which mixes academics, hackers and activists, where it’s possible to be creative and effective. Check our Culture, Work conditions and Perks below!

What are we searching for?

A Senior Software Developer/Architect to lead the development of a blockchain-based framework to build collaborative Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. P2P Models is a 5-year (2018-2022) EU-funded (1.5M€) research project around blockchain and the commons, which will be based at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), with Principal Investigator and advisors from the Berkman Klein Center (Harvard University).
P2P Models aim is to build decentralized, democratic & sustainable Collaborative Economy organizations, aided by blockchain technologies. More in this thread:
This position is flexible to attract both industry and academic profiles. Salary and some tasks are adapted depending on qualifications. For industry profiles, no academic title is required, but significant development experience. For academic profiles, this position may become a postdoc where research tasks and publishing articles are a core component.

What does the role involve?

Day-to-day software development responsibilities in an agile and free/open source context. Establish the architectural foundations and develop a software framework to build modular components of DAOs, with a focus on supporting collaboration and communities. Collaborate with other projects from the blockchain ecosystem (e.g. Ethereum, Aragon, DAOstack, Holochain, OpenZeppelin), and contribute to and propose new standards (e.g. ERCs). Encode governance/economic models into smart contracts. Write high quality specifications as white papers and results in research articles. Research and experimental tasks are variable depending on qualifications and interest.
Software project coordination, supporting other more junior developers. Work within a free/open source culture, working in the open. Keep current with the free/open source tools and technologies in the blockchain ecosystem, participating in related conferences while representing the project. Maintain fluent communication with other blockchain projects and the developer community to facilitate interoperability, reuse, and adoption. Coordinate with other non-technical team members to maximize the project impact.

We would love to meet you if you have

Experience with Ethereum, the EVM, IPFS, and/or P2P/distributed architectures
Ability to ship high quality, well crafted code
Passion for tinkering/solving a range of dynamic technology problems
Teamwork and interpersonal skills, including collaboration, empathy and adaptation
Fluency in English

And these are a plus

Experience working in a research setting, or holding a Master’s / PhD degree, in Computer Science or related area. As mentioned above, this position is flexible for both industry and academic profiles. For industry profiles, no academic titles are required; for academic profiles, this position is a “postdoc” where research tasks are a core component.
Experience with agile methodologies (e.g. SCRUM)
Experience with architecture specification, API design, technology integration, Linux environments
Experience contributing or managing free/open source projects, especially blockchain/P2P related
Experience with web application development (e.g. React)
Experience in complex software projects and/or in multidisciplinary teams
Interest/experience in social movements, activism, commons-oriented initiatives, co-ops, and/or open collaborative communities
Consider yourself proactive, flexible and responsible, with abilities to work independently, assume leadership roles and work as part of a team
Underrepresented demographics in the blockchain field to increase the team diversity
Fluency in Spanish

Oh, and these are also nice to have

Sense of humour, verve, heart, and maybe a bit freak
Desire to affect change in the world
Wide-range interests, e.g. Internet, decentralization, social research, critical theory, openness, communities


We take an action research approach: we aim both to build theory/systems, and to achieve social impact, in order to improve organisational processes, economic models, policies and technology
We believe technology is not neutral: we acknowledge the influence of the social and technological context and how it shapes innovation choices
We embrace and encourage multidisciplinarity
We uphold an inclusive and diversity-friendly post-meritocratic environment
We believe in collective decision-making and co-responsibility
We promote transparency, critical thinking, collaboration and autonomy.
We advocate free/open source software and decentralization
We encourage contributions to other free software and commons-oriented projects to help the ecosystem thrive.

Work conditions

We believe in a work-life balance, family-compatible
Full-time commitment
We are goals-driven, not hours-driven
Flexibility to work at home / office
We nourish curiosity and inspiration by supporting side projects
Opportunities to attend and/or speak in relevant academic and practitioners’ events
Possibility to spend time as visiting fellows with our partners: Harvard, MIT, CNRS, Aragon, etc.

Perks ⭐

Stable employment with flexible schedule
A passionate team of people committed to researching, building, and achieving social impact
Constant learning, in a cozy and interdisciplinary work environment driven by collaboration and teamwork
Networking with high profile researchers, activists and techies worldwide
Life in Madrid, with thrilling grassroots social movements, active cultural scene, fantastic weather, good food and quality of life, friendly people, a progressive town hall, and in a city cheaper than most US/EU cities.
The multiple social benefits from a welfare state, highlighting our public and free high quality health care system, ample vacation days and parental/sick leaves.
A wide diversity of benefits and expenses covered, including equipment, trips, courses, trainings, sports, cultural activities…

Commitment to Diversity

The work and well-being of our group and the university as a whole are profoundly strengthened by the diversity of our network and our differences in background, culture, experience, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, disability, and much more. We actively seek and welcome people of color, women, the LGBTQIA community, persons with disabilities, and people at intersections of these identities, from across the spectrum of disciplines and methods.

How to apply?
Send us an email to [email protected] with your CV (mentioning 2-3 references) and a motivation letter. Feel free to write any question/doubt to [email protected] including in the subject “Open position: Senior Dev”. The position is meant to start in Fall. The deadline for applicants is September 7, although we will hire as soon as we find the ideal candidate, so applicants are encouraged to submit asap.


P2P/distributed architectures, Ethereum, IPFS, EVM



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