Senior Software Engineer at DeSo

160 days ago
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The DeSo Foundation is backed by Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Social Capital, TQ Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, PolyChain, Pantera, and many others, and our mission is to decentralize social media the same way Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralizing the financial system.

We are looking for an engineer to help us scale DeSo, the first blockchain capable of supporting a fully-featured social network. An ideal candidate:

• Has deep experience with distributed systems while also being an algorithms wizard (similar to Satoshi).
• Is comfortable working among a distributed team to solve open-ended and ambiguous problems.
• Builds and ships quickly to accommodate an engaged and growing user base.
• Thrives in fast-paced and entrepreneurial environments with an active interest or prior experience in the crypto space.

About DeSo

Today, social media is even more centralized than the financial industry was prior to the creation of Bitcoin. A handful of private companies effectively control public discourse, and earn monopoly profits off of content that they don't even create. Meanwhile, the creators who actually produce this content are underpaid, under-engaged, and under-monetized thanks to an outdated ads-driven business model. In addition to all of this, the ads-driven business model prevents external developers from innovating or building apps on top of it, and gives users and creators no choice but to continue using apps that solely they control.

We believe all of these problems can be solved by decentralizing social media in the same way Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralizing the financial system. If we can start putting social media content into a public blockchain we can create an economy of scale around that blockchain that is powerful enough to rival, and ultimately surpass, what the traditional social media giants have created.

Enter DeSo, or "decentralized social."

The future of crypto does not consist of a single general-purpose blockchain that rules them all, but rather a series of dominant, specialized blockchains, each tailored to a particular category of applications. DeSo represents a more than two-year effort to create a blockchain capable of decentralizing the social media category, and we believe it presents the first clear path to solving the existing problems that plague social media today.




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