Senior Software Engineer and Full-Stack Developers at PicoLink, LLC

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About the Job

PicoLink is a startup company expanding into blockchain with multiple products such as PicoToken, Pico Wallet, Pico Swap, PicoChain, etc. At PicoLink we are developing new features never seen before in DeFi Wallets. Creating revolutionary products that will be the next adaptation to Defi. Looking for talented individuals to work hard and stay dedicated to figuring out and problem-solving creating applications.

Currently, we are looking for a dedicated Team of Talented Software Engineers, Full-stack Developers, and UI/UX designers with a specialization in blockchain Technology that can work together and push through any difficulties that may arise. We want the best of the best!

*Below requirements are highly recommended but aren't required to attain the position*

What we are looking for as a Senior Software Engineer
-5+ Years of Proven experience as a Senior Software Engineer
-Take the role of a Director
-Extensive experience in software development and project management
-Ability to translate project requirements into high-level architecture
-Demonstrable knowledge of cloud solutions architecting
-In-depth knowledge of back-end development (Node, Typescript)
-Experience building out responsive front-end web applications using React
-Knowledge of various relational databases, their benefits, and when it is most appropriate to use one
-An analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude
-Great attention to detail and organizational skills
-Excellent leadership skills
-Experience building out processes and policies within an engineering team
-Experienced in Blockchain Integration
-Develop, and execute the roadmap for Development similarly to a project manager (Architecture -Development)
-Dedicate, and work with UI/UX designers providing a smooth workflow to create a mobile application
-Launch products and features, test the performance and iterate quickly
-Problem Solving / Debugging

What we are looking for Full Stack Developers
-5+ years of relevant experience building clean, maintainable, and well-tested code in production -systems at scale.
-3+ years of experience in Mobile Development (DeFi Wallet recommended)
-2+ years of experience with React.js.
-2+ years of experience in Typescript and Node.
-2+ years of experience building scalable solutions on top of AWS or GCP infrastructure.
-Experienced in Blockchain integration
-Experience with web3.js or ethers.js, and developing DeFi applications.
-Familiarity with Solidity development and a passion for DeFi and Web3.
-Exceptional strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills with a strong analytical mindset.
-A deep understanding of the architecture of modern Web3 applications and backends.
-Experience building and maintaining a production system at scale.
-English language fluency.
-Able to make informed decisions that require a quick turnaround.
-Able to quickly understand and synthesize complex and nuanced technical information into big-picture, -actionable insights.
-BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field preferred

-Always collaborating/interacting with the team to optimize development to meet deadlines

-Remote work
-Competitive salary


product management, crypto, Solidity, Node js, React, Mobile App, Communication, Full-stack, Experience


Negotiable Competitive + Tokens + Equity

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