Senior Solidity Developer at Strips Finance

207 days ago
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STRIPS is a cutting-edge DeFi start up with the goal of creating an efficient and robust marketplace for interest rates and bonds in decentralised finance. Our exchange allows for the trading of interest rate swaps derivatives, allowing users to swap variable interest rates for fixed rates in any yield farm or funding rate. Strips Finance offers leverage, 24/7 liquidity and the best yield farms to trade. Strips Finance aims to be the foundation infrastructure layer for future decentralised finance fixed-rate products. Backed by investors such as Defiance Capital,, Mechanism Capital, just to name a few.

**Job Description**
We are looking for a Senior Solidity Engineer to join our promising new fintech start up with the potential to disrupt a multi-billion dollar burgeoning new industry. We welcome hackers and innovators, people that think differently and are excited about changing the world. You will create a lasting impact on how people save and earn money, and be at the forefront of a new industry. Remote work is a possibility for talented individuals.

• You will assist in the design and implementation of smart contracts
• Conduct internal code reviews and testing
• Ensuring a high level of code quality
• Work closely with CTO and CEO to implement new ideas and features
• Come up with innovative solutions to difficult problems
• Troubleshoot and solve any smart contract security issues that may arise

**Education and Experience:**
• Degree in any scientific discipline
• Excellent knowledge in Javascript, Typescript and Solidity
• Excellent knowledge in cryptography and Ethereum blockchain
• Excellent knowledge and working experience with Git

**Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:**
• Interest in cryptocurrencies/digital assets
• Think differently
• Strong analytical problem solving skill
• Lateral and creative thinking
• Ability to bootstrap and take ownership of projects
• Desire to be part of fast-growing start-up and a highly collaborative team environment
• Self-starter who is comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic conditions