Senior Solidity Developer at Toucan Protocol

Senior Solidity Developer

Toucan Protocol

At Toucan, we are building the infrastructure to reverse climate change.

The climate crisis stems largely from a misalignment of incentives. Polluters don’t pay for their emissions. The voluntary carbon credit market is changing this, enabling companies to offset their emissions by paying projects to capture carbon. Today, this market is highly wasteful due to a lack of liquid markets, forcing projects to go through layers of financial middlemen that extract the majority of money from credits.

Toucan is enabling a web3 regenerative finance ecosystem, by bridging carbon credits into crypto and pooling them in standardized categories. We have created the first globally accessible and liquid market for voluntary carbon credits. Working with T1 DeFi protocols and the community we enable carbon credits to be used as collateral, yields and money, as well as a huge range of novel applications. In the first week, our Base Carbon Tonne did 845m$ in volume and we bridged 8m tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of Costa Rica. We are just getting started, and need top talent that want maximum leverage in solving the climate crisis. This is where you come in!

Your role:

As our new Senior Solidity Developer, you will join a team of experienced developers in building out the Toucan bridging and pooling infrastructure to develop new DeFi primitives that connect to web3 carbon markets.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

- You will be working in a highly collaborative agile team and involved in all aspects of the product's development
- You will be expected, within a short ramp-up period, to make major contributions to the product’s development across the full stack
- You will contribute to the requirements (tech specs) drafting / analysis.
- Where appropriate you may coach / mentor other members of the development team.
- Assist in maintaining the product's extensive CI/CD pipeline
- Contribute high quality and well-tested Solidity code, including smart contract development using Hardhat
- Execute comprehensive unit and integration test coverage (including some Javascript testing)

You most likely have the following:

- 6+ years experience in software development
- 1+ years experience in Solidity development with a track record of projects deployed to an EVM mainnet
- Experience with Ethereum development tools (e.g. unit testing, Open Zeppelin, ethers.js, Hardhat)
- Strong knowledge of EVM internals
- Experienced in DevOps and CI/CD, and deployment systems
- Deep understanding of git, best practices in repo management and agile processes
- Good availability in time zones UTC-6 to UTC+2

This said, if you feel you are a great candidate but don't tick every box, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.


Solidity, Open Zeppelin, ethers.js, Hardhat, CI/CD


160,000 - 240,000 $

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