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About the Job

Why join Fluency?

Fluency is a market leading blockchain technology company. Our innovative Aureum technology is specifically designed to enable CBDCs.

We are evolving Fluency to be a network of networks to enable the movement of all types of money across a variety of payment flows through our Aureum platform and beyond. With this strategy in mind, we‘re focused on helping clients who want to participate in using new digital currency flows using an innovative universal network for all types of digital currencies including CBDCs and stablecoins.

Fluency is engaged and collaborates with major central banks, governments and enterprises around the world. We are appointed to the world’s key CBDCs and payment systems projects innovating world’s most traded currencies - GBP, EUR & USD. We are also developing our blockchain technology to support a number of other use cases across NFTs, Metaverse, Supply Chains, IoT etc.

We provide governments, banks and enterprises with the ability to make and receive payments, regardless of currency, channel, or form factor.

You’ll be able to work 100% remotely, yet remain well-connected to your colleagues. You’ll be joining a team based all over the world. Our company is located in London, New York, Warsaw and Dublin.


As a Lead Engineer you will work collaboratively with Developers and Product Owners in building and designing a blockchain-based architecture according to received requirements for an innovative CBDC based product.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
As a Senior Substrate Engineer you’ll be responsible for:

- Building a scalable blockchain-based application architecture for CBDC
- Developing necessary code base in Rust and/or other backend-oriented languages
- Developing the specialised modules using Substrate for custom blockchain platforms
- Participating in a research process about traits, solutions, trends and security measures required for proper use of blockchain technology
- Writing and helping to maintain automated tests
- Identifying security risks
- Providing accurate timing estimates on work
- Contributing to documentation (instructional and technical specification)
- Discussing technical solutions and providing innovative new ideas to establish problems

The ideal candidate for the role will possess:

- Extensive experience with any major low-level backend programming language (C/C++, Rust, Go etc.) (4 yrs+)
- Practical experience in working with Substrate Framework (1 yrs+)
- Previous experience in working with Blockchain-based applications (2 yrs+)
- Previous experience in building enterprise-grade parachains on Polkadot ecosystem (1 yrs+)
- Willingness to learn and use the variety of different blockchain platforms
- Good knowledge of security best practices
- Comfortable setting up environment from scratch
- Initiative, self-motivated and able to work as part of a team
- Work well under pressure and to deadlines
- Comfortable working in an agile, scrum environment
- Confidentiality is essential


Substrate / Rust


TBC + Equity

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