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Smart Contract Engineer – Virtual for Blockchain Company


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Are you looking for a job as a smart contract engineer? Do you have extensive experience in this IT field? Would you be willing to learn the new governance protocols and development environments or platforms? These platforms may include HyperLedger, Ethereum, RChain, EOS, Lisk, and NEO. If you answered yes to all these questions, then you might just be the blockchain talent we’re looking for.

We are looking for a smart contract engineer to join our client’s development team who can help them develop decentralized blockchain applications. To be considered for the role, the potential candidate for the job must be flexible and adaptable. More importantly, he or she must be willing to learn and can quickly grasp new concepts in the area of blockchain and financial technology.

We do, however, require certain skills, know-how, and experience before we will consider you as a candidate for the position. First off, you need to be proficient in smart contract conceptualization and development using Solidity programming language on the Ethereum platform. We recognize that smart contract engineers are a breed apart from other IT professionals, and they are often driven by a passion for the ideology that blockchain represents as well as a desire to develop that technology in innovative ways.

You also need to have knowledge and experience with different smart contract audit steps (both manual and automated) to ensure that all developed applications runs as designed. For this role, we prefer our candidates to have particular degrees in certain IT fields of study. Firstly, you need to have a Master of Computer Science (MS) degree and/or any related advanced study or post-graduate degree in a mathematical or quantitative field. These may include courses such as Information Security, Financial Engineering, and Computer Applications.

We also respectfully request our candidates to provide us access to their code repositories such as GitHub and

What to Expect

Our client hopes to connect with a talented smart contract engineer to lead the efforts in creating Solidity smart contracts and related blockchain applications. As their smart contract engineer, you will work closely with other developers and engineers to conceptualize, architect, and build a development platform or environment.

The smart contracts you will help create or develop will be used as an integral part of their distributed environment or platform. These features will include the following:

User and listing registries
Automation of contractual terms and conditions
Enforcement of potential staking needs from contributing network nodes
Implement economic models
Book rules
Verify identification
Handle calendaring
Other features of the development platform or environment
Because you will be one of the first dedicated smart contract engineers in the company, you will fill an integral role not only in the company’s culture but also in the engineering processes. Our client is planning to explore many other projects. These include building large-scale infrastructure that will support the Ethereum blockchain in an impactful way. As the smart contract engineer, you will be a critical member in the company’s processes as they seek to change and improve the way buyers and sellers transact on the blockchain.

Apply Now

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to work in a highly dynamic field in blockchain and financial technology. You will be working on the projects directly. It’s an incredible chance to make a name for yourself as well as learn the latest tricks of the trade. Given the scope of the projects involved and the importance of the position to be filled, we only seek high-quality, talented smart contract engineers with extensive experience and know-how in this particular field.

Adaptable and continuously improving skills are what we seek, but a positive attitude is even more important. We want someone who has a genuine desire to learn and discover new understanding in blockchain and financial technology. Bonus points if you demonstrate unique leadership skills and initiative.

If you believe you have the experience, knowledge, skill, and qualifications for the position, we invite you to apply with your CV or LinkedIn. In your documents, please provide a brief description of your work history, links to your online profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub or comparable code repositories, etc.), and any code you have written and viewable publicly. Lastly, please share your thoughts on why you are excited about working with the client and why you will be a good fit for the company.

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Ref #: 44415

Required skills
Blockchain Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Experience, Interest in Emerging Technologies, Project Management, Smart Contract Engineering


Blockchain Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Experience, Interest in Emerging Technologies, Project Management, Smart Contract Engineering



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