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About the Job

Mod Union - Social Media Marketer

The Company:

Professional, pre-built crypto & NFT moderation / engagement team for your project at a fraction of the price of hiring for these roles in-house. We take the time to learn your project and genuinely understand your mission, so we can help you achieve it.

Operated and staffed by real crypto professionals, we have seen what works and what doesn't work in the field. All of our mods are up to date in crypto news, hold various coins, and own NFTs. We're not just here to sell shovels to gold miners, we're in the mines right along with you.


We are looking for a Social Media Manager who knows the crypto world already. We provide social media management services for our clients in the crypto space and it's important we speak their language.

That's not to say we're looking for experts. But if you meme on crypto Twitter already, have a following, and know how to create genuinely engaging posts for our target audience, you're a great fit and we'd love to talk.

We're not harsh employers with a thousand rules and zero compassion. We created this company to provide jobs without all the stress and bs normally associated. We trust you to do your work how you like as long as it gets done. If overtime is needed on a specific project, we pay well for it. We value our employees, and we aim to not take advantage.

We stay in touch via Discord or Slack, we use Notion for documentation, and we are open to suggestions from all members of the team on ways we can improve the business for everyone involved.

The Role:

- You will be providing marketing services for a number of different Mod Union clients - however, due to the structure of the business, no one client will require too much individual work on a daily basis.
- Your work day will mostly involve posting on Twitter & IG for our clients, along with the Mod Union accounts.
- Role will also involve outreach to influencers and other figures and media outlets as needed
- Anyone with a list of existing contacts in crypto/NFT/media/influencer spaces would be appreciated
- You'll be creating weekly reports for our clients on how their online presence is progressing, alongside a marketing plan for the week ahead based on these insights. Nothing too complex!
- Fully remote role, working from your home office or co-working space


- Understanding of contemporary cryptocurrency and NFT marketing strategies
- Would be preferable if candidate has experience with basic graphic design practices
- Strong background in organic social posting and growth (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
- Must be a native or highly fluent english speaker
- Must have access to reliable internet connection and be available for contact at any point during the work day.
- Prefer someone with university education, but this is not required for more experienced candidates
- Work day generally runs from 10AM-7PM EST but we're flexible on this if need be

How to apply:

We're not going to ask you to fill in a 100 page questionnaire, just send us a message with your resume and tell us why you're the right fit for the role.

If we think you're a good fit based on your message we'll ask you to email us some of your work, and some example posts you're proud of.

Finally, if all of that checks out, we'll jump on a call to ask some questions and get to know you. We're looking to hire for this job ASAP so candidates with short / zero notice periods will be given a weighting advantage.


Social Media Management, Marketing, Graphic Design


$35000 - $48000 dependent on experience

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