Social Media Manager at NFTB

668 days ago
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About the Job

We're building the first NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Aiming to go live the 2nd week of April and looking for some social media support.

Our goal is to help onboard the next generation of NFT creators and artists from around the world. We're also looking to grow NFTs on the BSC ecosystem.

Our team is 100% remote with people in 7 countries and we're looking to hire a senior social media marketing manager.

The ideal candidate will be able to work independently with strong leadership qualities and work ethic.

Key responsibilities:

- Handling coms
- Shoutouts to new artists and creators on the platform
- Helping with the "drops" section of the website for new digital art
- Helping onboard new artists-


social media management, Instagram, growth hacking, copywriting



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