Solidity Developer at Grovsta

153 days ago
✅ 48 applications

We are currently searching for a Senior Solidity Developer to join our team, full-time.

Minimum Requirements:

• Strong programming skills in Solidity
• Good understanding of the Binance Smart Chain.
• Self-sufficient, great communication, fluent English and conformable in explaining code.


• Develop and test smart contracts related to lending, borrowing, trading, bridging, audits and governance
• Review contracts of team members for logic flaws or security issues
• Research and concept work for new features or improvements to the system
• Coordinate the development of new features within a small team
• Development of backend services connected to the smart contracts - Node.js would help here

Skills & Qualifications:

• Solidity
• web3
• Test framework: ideally hardhat, but truffle experience is also acceptable
• Strong sense of security. Knowledge of common vulnerabilities in smart contracts and blockchain development in general.
• Preferably Node.js, Golang, and Java
• Experience with Agile or Scrum software development methodologies
• Ability to multi-task, organize, and prioritize work


Solidity, JavaScript, React.js