Solidity Developer at Lossless Protocol

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About the Job

About the company

Lossless Protocol freezes fraudulent transaction based on a set of fraud identification parameters and returns stolen funds back to the owner’s account. Token creators insert Lossless code into their protocol to mitigate the losses suffered from exploits & hacks. Our stake-based reward system incentivizes the community to develop increasingly efficient hack-spotting mechanisms - the spotter who took action first gets the reward.

About the role

We're looking for an experienced Smart Contract Developer to join our core development team. You will work on cutting-edge blockchain and DeFi technologies and collaborate with our rapidly growing team. If building a crypto hack mitigation protocol sounds exciting to you, you are the person we are looking for.

You will be building the first-ever on-chain hack mitigation protocol that consists of many different parts like staking/governance and hack monitoring.

What you will do:

- Design, implement and test smart contracts
- Participate and collaborate with other teams in implementing DApps
- Model, test, and do research on the hacks
- Code reviews


- Solidity
- Web3
- DApps Software Architecture
- Smart contracts and blockchain architecture
- Hardhat (or Truffle)
- JS / TS
- English (Intermediate)


- You have at least 2 years of experience in Smart Contract Development and Architecture.
- Familiar with EVM Blockchains.
- You’re a great communicator.
- Remote work
- Familiar with Defi
- Experience with Dapps integrations.

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future where crypto hacks are stopped and reverted. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let's move the world forward, together.


Solidity, Web3, Hardhat (or Truffle), JS / TS



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