Solidity/RUST/Ethereum Instructor at Questbook

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About the Job

At Questbook (backed by Y Combinator) , we are building the World's first University DAO and are looking for our founding Instructors. Questbook is powered by an underlying decentralize learning economy protocol called Learn Coin. Early instructors will earn $10,000 in Dai and Learn Coins for teaching cohorts of 10 pre-screened students. Come for the free learn coins - stay for doubling the number of crypto devs in the world.

What we look for in you :

1. Solid demonstrable work (on GitHub or
otherwise) with Solidity code - 2 years or

2. Written extensive automated tests for their
contracts, and familiarity with CI tooling
such as CircleCI and Travis

3. Experience with Solidity security audits (as
an author or recipient)

4. Understanding of mainnet forking for
running tests

5. Used both Synthetix and other DeFi
products on mainnet and can
demonstrate a solid understanding of how
Synthetix works.

6. Smart contract framework experience

7. Good communication skills; preferably if
you are an existing teacher already

What we have in store for you:

1. A minimum of $10,000 in Dai and Learn

2. Access to a group of enthusiastic and high
quality Solidity developers who are excited
to take the next big leap in their careers

3. A platform for sharing your expertise and
build your personal brand

4. Flexible work timings as this is a part time

Our best work lies ahead, and we want you to be a part of it!!!

If this interests you, we would love to speak with you. We will get back within 24 hours!

You can read more about us at


Solidity, RUST, EVM deployment, Smart Contract


$5,000 - $10000 per course. Open to negotiation as per experience.

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