Sr. Blockchain Engineer Lead/CTO (Solidity/Typescript) at CRASTONIC Ltd

20 days ago
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About the Job

Looking for a skillful and passionate Blockchain engineer lead/CTO to make continuous innovation in web3 spaces.

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◾︎Job Description
-Work full-time remotely or in person
-Build, lead, equip & manage the entire Web3 team and propose innovative ideas from a technical point of view
-Responsible for the entire development architecture & security of the product
-Oversee the full spectrum of business ideas & market trends, and apply the latest technology to enhance the overall user experience
-Investigate and specify ideas for innovative blockchain applications.
-Design and develop a proof of concepts for blockchain applications.
-Design and develop blockchain-related microservices and APIs comfortably.
-Plan and execute performance tests using test-driven development.
-Collaborate with BizDev, PdM, Marketing, and teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives.
-Work closely with the CEO and teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives. ️Improve products and pursue successful customer value experiences.

◾︎Basic Qualifications
-At least 5 years of professional engineering experience.
-At least 3 years of experience with Solidity, NodeJS, or related languages.
-Experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining blockchain applications
-Familiarity with NodeJs, Golang, Rust, or similar languages.
-Ability to be self-motivated and detail-oriented while producing high-quality, accurate work in a startup environment.
-Good knowledge of design patterns for decentralized applications
-Expertise in writing and working with Rest APIs.
Knowledge of gRPC services is an added advantage.
-Excellent communication skills in English & prompt response
-Strong strategic + logical thinking in both business & technical POV
-Team player with a strong sense of responsibility to deliver valuable output in collective effort on time

◾︎Preferred Qualifications
-Ability to independently debug problems across the full stack.
-Experience in RnD role
-History of open source contributions on GitHub
-Knowledge of cryptocurrency/token economics.
-Ability to design the full architecture from scratch based on business requirements
-Designed & Developed DAO structure
-Writing new, reusable, testable, and efficient code to build and support Web3 applications
-Leadership experience in team building, management, and execution.
-Involved in product development from scratch and responsible for scaling solution


We are looking forward to hearing from highly motivated engineers!


typescript, Blockchain architecture, Development Smart Contracts, Solidity (Ethereum), Rust Programming, Decentralized Finance(DeFi), HardhatNFTsSmart Contracts, Defi Ethereum, Tron, Solana


$13k – $70k + Token + Equity