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About the Job

$350k+ – Full-time, Remote (Southern California a strong plus)

At Space and Time, we are solving Web3’s toughest data analytics challenges at planetary scale with decentralized, peer-to-peer technology. Dapps built on top of Space and Time become blockchain interoperable, crunching SQL + machine learning for Gaming/DeFi data as well as any decentralized applications that need verifiable tamperproofing, blockchain-security, or enterprise scale. We turn any major blockchain into a next-gen database by connecting off-chain storage with on-chain analytic insights. Our team is growing fast, backed by some of the top blockchain orgs and VCs.

A career at Space and Time is lucrative, fast-paced, and very creative. We value you (and all your ideas) like family and we bring an endless supply of perks. This includes flexible workweeks + flexible vacation, add-on bonuses for hard work, we attend exciting events/conferences/parties, we’re headquartered on the beach near LA (but don’t mind you working remote), and most importantly- we provide analytics technology to the largest Dapps, DAOs, DeFi/DEXs, GameFi, NFT platforms, blockchain providers, enterprises, etc. We are committed to growing a diverse and welcoming team in a safe space to be yourself and learn from the most innovative minds in blockchain and data warehousing. Help us invent the first decentralized supercomputer!

As the Sr. Director for our Web3/Blockchain/Oracles Engineering team, you will be leading highly skilled engineers responsible for developing a dapp interoperability platform and backend to Web3. You will focus on hosted cloud analytics infrastructure for major blockchains, multichain or cross chain smart contract frameworks, tamperproof blockchain indexing techniques, proprietary zkSNARK-like proofing mechanisms. You will partner with internal and external teams to build and scale dapps on top of our data platform. This team is responsible for building the integrations between our decentralized data warehouse and major blockchains via oracle networks, which will also be used for query validation and network management. In addition, you’ll be defining Web3 analytics challenges that supporting teams will help solve. This role is vital to our organization and will report to exec leadership and senior engineering leadership.

- Grow the team by recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new team members
Sourcing experienced web3 engineers and building training to onboard web2 full stack engineers to web3
- Leading architecture development, execution all the way to mainnet and beyond.. focusing on SLAs/scale that pushes the bounds of Web3
- Integrating our data platform with the web3 stack (MetaMask, Web.js, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, Filecoin, Oracle Networks, multichain smart contracts, etc)
- Develop a vision and strategy for the product portfolio and management execution with regards to dapp data acquisition and blockchain-focused data acquisition
You will be developing innovative techniques to anchor data to blockchains via smart contracts as well as to index/read from blockchains via tamperproof RPC calls.
- Building tools, platforms and database integrations to turn a blockchain-secured data/analytics platform into a user-facing hosted cloud solution
- Codifying best practices for future reuse in the form of accessible, reusable patterns, templates, and code bases to facilitate meta data capturing and management
- Managing a team of software engineers writing new code to build bigger, better, faster, more optimized analytics tools for Web3
Interacting with exec team and senior engineering leadership to define, prioritize, and ensure smooth deployments with other operational components
- Highly engaged with industry trends within Web3 (as well as analytics domain / distributed database domain)
- Understand how data and analytics use cases across Web3 and major blockchains can be optimized through cluster-compute of SQL at extreme scale, on a global decentralized p2p network
- Develop the future leaders of Space and Time by providing continuous mentorship, coaching, and growth opportunities.
- Foster a culture of creativity and innovation while also promoting practical/agile decision-making

Skills & Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technical field. Masters or PhD a plus.
- 8+ years experience engineering software with a few years at a leading Web3 org
- 3+ years experience leading/growing high-performance software eng teams
- A track record of recruiting and leading technical teams in a demanding talent market
- Rock solid engineering fundamentals
- Knowledge of blockchain indexing, web3 stack, consensus mechanisms, etc
- Experience with rapid development cycles in a web-based environment
- Strong scripting and test automation knowledge
- Passionate about Web3, blockchain, decentralization, and a base understanding of how data/analytics plays into this
- Ability to engage senior business leaders and translate between the needs of the business and the demands of / capacities of technology
- If remote, willingness to let us fly you into Southern California to meet with the leadership team up to once a month (to connect in-person for a few days)

What we offer:
- Very competitive salaries
- Medical, dental and vision insurance, disability/life insurance
- 401(k) Plan
- Aggressive bonus structure and/or Space and Time token allocations (similar to stock options)
- Very flexible PTO and paid holidays, and flexible workweek
- Very flexible remote work options
- A massive list of perks including discretionary add-on bonuses for hard work, attending exciting events/conferences/parties, we’re headquartered on the beach near LA (but don’t mind you working remote) and we’ll likely fly you out once a month to meet in person
- Space and Time is an EOE and committed to building a diverse team


web3, blockchain indexing, managing engineers


350000 + Equity

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