Sr. Smart Contract Security Researcher at AnChain.AI

Sr. Smart Contract Security Researcher

San Jose, CA
Posted 711 days ago

Job Description:

- Familiar w/ compiler / assembly
- Ethereum EVM Bytecode analysis
- EOS WASM web assembly
- Reverse engineering
- Familiar w/ smart contract internals: Solidity / Ethereum/ EOS / Tron

Read what have found:

About is a Silicon Valley based AI power blockchain security company, invested by top VC’s from both Silicon Valley and Wall Street: Amino Capital, Susquehanna International Group (SIG), CRCM, etc. The founding team has extensive experiences in cyber security, artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, previously worked at FireEye, Mandiant, EMC/RSA, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Pivotal, etc. is continuously securing top-tier crypto exchanges and DApps world wide by providing actionable value with its two products: Situational Awareness Platform (SAP) and Smart Contract Auditing Platform (CAP):

The Situational Awareness Platform (SAP) proactively protects crypto assets by providing proprietary artificial intelligence, knowledge graph and threat intel on blockchain transactions. The SAP is able to detect and even predict vulnerabilities and threats before and after they occur. detected the first Blockchain APT (BAPT) hack in for the 1st time in history: BAPT-FOMO3D that have stolen $4 millions worth of ETH. SAP has been protecting world’s top DApp’s $8m weekly transactions.

The Smart Contract Auditing Platform (CAP) is a cloud based smart contract auditing sandbox that scans most known vulnerabilities such as re-entrancy, overflow, etc. The CAP is fully automated, fast scanning, accessible in the cloud, and connects to professional auditing experts. CAP is trusted by the world’s leading crypto exchanges, and DApp developers.





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