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Posted 249 days ago

We are BFFI GROUP INC., a multinational blockchain investment bank based on security token industry.
We have established a healthy compliance system for security token industry, such as STO (security token offering), cryptocurrency exchange license and TIPO (Token Initial Public Offering). All of our procedures are based on the securities legal system in the U.S., and registered in the SEC.
Now we are preparing for establishing our securities token exchange and equity management system. In the foreseeable future, blockchain companies can submit securities-based token issuance procedures to the SEC through our legal compliance program and fundraising and offering through BFFI's fund-raising system.
BFFI GROUP INC. is preparing for its IPO based on BFFI-OPTIONS. We have delivered our prospectus and other offering documents to the U.S. SEC, and it has been permitted for offerings.
As the first IPO in blockchain investment bank industry, BFFI's IPO is full of blockchain features. The IPO Sales is based on BFFI OPTIONS TOKEN (ERC-20), and it has the same right with BFFI COMMON STOCK. At the same time, the investors is easily to change BFFI OPTIONS to BFFI COMMON STOCK.
BFFI's IPO is offering 200,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS, and 30% will used for sales.
It's also the first consent by U.S.SEC for IPO with cryptocurrency. BFFI's IPO will start at Oct 10th.

Total is 20,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS, 30% for Sale
Pre-IPO 5%, Oct 10th to Oct 31st
10,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS, 1 USD for sales
IPO-Tier 1 10%, Nov 1st to Nov 30th
20,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS, 1.5 USD for sales
IPO-Tier 2 15%, Dec 1st to Dec 31st
30,000,000 BFFI OPTIONS, 2 USD for sales

Once Finished our Pre-IPO, we will update our prospectus for listing on. It is expected to list on NASDAQ in April to July 2020.

We plan to recruit brokers for IPO token sales.
The bonuses we provide for each brokers are determined based on the size of the funds raised by each brokers.
If Raised Funds > USDT 20,000,000, 30% for bonus
If USDT 10,000,000> Funds Raised > USDT 20,000,000, 25% for bonus
If USDT 5,000,000> Funds Raised > USDT 10,000,000, 20% for bonus
If USDT 2,500,000> Funds Raised > USDT 5,000,000, 15% for bonus
If USDT 1,000,000> Funds Raised > USDT 2,500,000, 12% for bonus
If the fund raised is less than 1,000,000 USDT, 10% for bonus

Broker requirements:
1. ICO/STO/Crowdfunding financing management experience is needed and investors can be well managed; Internet community operation and self-media (Facebook/Twitter/Medium) management experience are required.
2. Complete investor registration (KYC)
3. Raise funds and issue tokens

Token Issue:
Broker must transfer the USDT funds for the week to the BFFI fundraising account and distribute BFFI OPTIONS to investors every day.

Bonus Issue:
We will issue a 10% bonus to Broker-Dealer on the same day, and the rest will be released after the overall sale is completed.


Sales´╝îMedia capabilities


10%-30% bonus

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