Token growth lead for Midas.Investments at Midas.Investments

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About the Job

We are the custodial interest rate platform offering highest yields backed up by transparent and ecological yield strategies in DeFi.

Our mission is to democratise transfer of wealth from inner degen DeFi to a crypto retail investor. We are a 4 years old, have 50 million dollars in AUM and opening a group of companies in Switzerland.

We just made a swap of our coin (previously a stinky PIVX fork) into a Fantom-token.

And we are looking for a talented experienced individual who will take responsibility for the growth of token ecosystem. It is the great play-ground for connecting CeFi and DeFi.

You will be heading this direction, taking full responsibility of the token growth. The goal is to create the network from utility and partnerships, building value on top of it.

It is a must that you have a relevant experience and you know what to do right from the start.

If you are interested, message me [email protected] with a short intro about the projects you worked on.


Token growth, crypto, DeFi, token


Compensation is negotiable. Fixed salary or amazing upside on your work, depends on your desires.

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