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About the Job

TruStory is a social network that enables productive debate. To make progress on any issue, we need to learn from different perspectives, find common ground, and have the humility to change our minds. Our mission is to make the Internet more open-minded by incentivizing people to hear all sides of a debate.

We are seeking smart, analytical debaters to join us on TruStory Beta and be one of our earliest users to debate with token incentives.
The role is designed to be a 12 week remote engagement where we will compensate you in proportion to how much you earn by engaging on the App (up to $500 a month in the form of gift card).

Description of responsibilities:
- Pick 1 or 2 areas of focus
- Find interesting claims: Actively monitor crypto space (podcasts, YouTube videos, twitter, news, etc) for interesting claims that can be debated on our platform
- Write compelling Arguments: Read and internalize our Guidelines. Write compelling Arguments for debates happening in your focus areas.
- Engage in the app: Engage in other activities including reading opposing arguments, curating other arguments, posting replies and collaborating with users to understand all sides of any given topic.


critical thinking skills, qualitative research, quantitative research, writing


upto 500 USD in proportion to engagement

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