URGENT - Blockchain Developer for Olympus DAO fork [ 8K - 15K ] at Cryptolab

694 days ago
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About the Job

A rapidly growing Crypto team is looking for a skilled and expeditious Blockchain Dev who has prior experience with forking Olympus DAO.

[ Job description ]

Olympus DAO fork on BSC. *Only the main ‘Bond’ and ‘Staking’ functions of OHM are required*.

-Customization (Front+Back end)
-Test-net Deployment & Full Functionality Check
-Main-net Deployment & Assistance

[ Tentative Compensation ]

USD 8K-15K depending on the experience & timeframe.

[ Tentative Timeframe ]

Within 1 WEEK

[ Benefits ]

We are an emerging Crypto team that launches new projects every couple of months, being the most successful project’s ATH Market cap of over +100M.

If both parties have a great working relationship as a result of this project;

- Opportunities to join our team as an in-house developer or potentially CTO
- Further Development & Future Partnerships
- Equity incentives to be discussed

[ Requirements ]

ID verification & NDA





15000 + Equity

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