UX/UI - Marketing Artist at OP Games

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About the Job

The UX/UI - Marketing Artist will fill two roles for OP Games.
First is to turn interfaces into meaningful and effective experiences for OP Arcade, our HTML5 + Crypto Game Platform, using frontend technologies such as React and Javascript.

Second is to produce marketing materials for OP Games' product offerings. These materials may be digital or printed - such as graphics for our website, presentation, social media pages, booth designs and tarpaulin banners.

The position requires excellent conceptual and graphic design skills, knowledge and appreciation of UX/UI design for games and web, understanding of flow and information architecture, visual composition and designing for the mobile experience.

- Creation of graphic elements such as screen layouts, icons and buttons
- Construction of web mock ups using design software like Figma or Framer
- Revisions and finalization of all UI screens and elements
- Execution of all UI screens using React
- Animation of all UI elements
- Revisions and polishes of all UI elements
- Debugging of UI components

- For marketing materials, the artist must have product sense and a grasp of the brand identity in order to understand the product positioning and be able to create materials with the appropriate message for the target audience.
- Research of best practices and observation of branding guidelines
- Creation of studies for marketing materials
- Execution, revision and final art of marketing materials


Web Design Software HTML5/CSS/Javascript Skills Experience with React Portfolio of Designed Web Sites


$3000 (with tokens)

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