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About the Job

Are you a crypto enthusiast with an insatiable appetite for all things blockchain? Do you have an innate ability to create social media content that leaves people longing for more? Then we want YOU as our Junior Social Media Specialist, the missing piece in our unstoppable team!

Join Linity, an ICEO startup and become part of a team that is driven to build the best crypto community:

As a remote-first company, we enable you to work from anywhere in the world, but you can also work in one of our offices in Poland (Cracow).
We offer semi-flexible working hours – we would like you to be available between 11 am and 3 pm CEST – you can arrange the rest yourself.
You will play a pivotal role in shaping our social media presence and influencing key decisions, working closely with the Head of Marketing, Marketing and Web3 teams.

Payment on a B2B contract
EUR 1 000–2 500 net

Wondering why work at Linity / ICEO? Discover our benefits:
You will work in a company with an established position on the market, in an industry where there is never a dull moment and in an environment where everyone has a voice.
You will be able to take part in the training program so that you can develop your skills. We also have an internal library which we constantly top up with new titles.
You will receive a set of equipment needed to perform your duties as well as subscriptions to all programs necessary for your role (Figma, Miro, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.).
Under the B2B contract, you will be able to take up to 26 days of annual paid leave.
If you prefer to work under an employment contract, that option is available as well.
Each employee receives a Medicover Premium private health care package and a Multisport Plus package.
Several times a year we meet at company events during which you can meet your co-workers face2face.
We value the initiatives of our employees – that’s why we are always happy to hear your pitch with an idea for a product or a startup.

Sounds interesting? Get to know us better:
Linity is a platform developed with a mission to simplify navigating the world of Web 3.0 and blockchain. The project's community gets tools to manage their investments and portfolios within the crypto market in an informed and efficient way. Linity's goal is to create a safe harbour for anyone who wants to fully embrace the potential of the Web 3.0 industry, regardless of experience or level of expertise.

Moving on to the details:
As a rising star in the realm of social media, you'll have the opportunity to shape our brand's online presence and create captivating content that leaves a lasting impact. We're seeking a visionary with a flair for social media strategies, someone who can turn our digital dreams into a vibrant reality.

So, if you're ready to unleash your creative potential, take your social media skills to the next level, and join a team of passionate professionals, apply now for the position of Junior Social Media Specialist. This is your chance to embark on an exciting social media journey that will set you apart from the rest.

As a Junior Social Media Specialist, you'll have the power to:
- Dominate Twitter and subreddit threads with your captivating comments, leaving others green with envy for not working with us.
- Dive deep into discussions on Discord and Telegram channels, showcasing your expertise and enticing crypto enthusiasts to join our ranks.
- Master the art of content distribution across various platforms, ensuring our brand's message reaches every corner of the digital realm.
- Craft enticing tweets that keep our followers on their toes and craving for more.
- Collaborate on the creation of captivating gifs and memes that will go viral, spreading our brand's influence.
- Stay ahead of the Twitter trends and alert our team to the latest buzz, giving us the edge in creating engaging threads and captivating Twitter spaces.
- Utilize your analytical prowess to decipher which content strikes gold and fearlessly advise when it's time to pivot.
- Learn how to leverage Web3 marketing tools such as Zealy, Gleam, Link3 and many more.

What we will expect from you:
- Good knowledge of the crypto industry. We need someone who understands the market trends, the latest projects, and can speak the language of blockchain.
- 1–2 years of experience in a similar role. We want someone who's already dipped their toes in the crypto waters and knows how to navigate this landscape.
- Great writing skills and perfect English.
- The ability to create 'social-first' copy. If you can create short form video content – it will be a plus.
- Experience in building organic growth on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Discord! You should know how to engage with communities, spark discussions, and drive engagement.
- A good understanding of social media marketing and best practices. You should know how to optimize posts, analyze performance metrics, and keep up with the ever-evolving algorithms – or you are eager to learn that!
- To be highly creative, self-motivated, and driven to achieve goals.
- To be detail-oriented with excellent organizational skills.
- To be a critical thinker who can operate independently and flexibly. But don’t worry! Our team will always help you along the way!

Nice to have:
- Degree in marketing.
- Portfolio of social media content.
- Experience working in fast-paced environments. The crypto industry moves at lightning speed, and we need someone who can thrive in a dynamic and rapidly changing landscape.

Want to know more?
Take a look at our profile on Clutch and find out what our clients say about us.
Visit our website and check who we have helped to succeed.


Twitter, Reddit, Discord


1000 - 2.500 eur/ month

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