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About the Company

From Smart Contract to Smarter CRM On-Chain Marketing Attribution | Personalized Customer Engagement |AI-automated Customer Service MetaCRM provides a one-stop CRM solution for Web3 projects that supports all stages of the customer journey: customer-acquisition, customer-retention, and customer-engagement. Our tools derive new user insights by integrating and analyzing both web2 & web3 data, and resolve Web3 customer experience friction points by streamlining processes & consolidating channels. CRM in today's Web3 landscape is extremely fragmented because blockchain-native solutions are none-existent. Most Web3 projects are still using Web2 CRM tools which create bad customer experience and are unable to segment & tier target users, limiting the value blockchain projects can generate from their top customers. We build customizable Web3 CRM tools for companies to solve these problems. Tools launched: - MetaForm: Blockchain-native survey tool that helps you understand users & streamline all marketing campaigns with automated airdrop capability - MetaCRM for service: To better serve users' inbound requests by integrating AI-powered automated workflow, cross-chain profiles, and interaction history - MetaCRM for marketing: Improve user acquisition, engagement,and retention by on-chain marketing attribution & personalized marketing - More to come 😉

About the Job

MetaCRM provides a suite of innovative software solutions empowering marketing efficiency & personalized customer service for Web3 businesses. We have already served well-known Web3 projects such as Curve Finance, Radiant Capital, Manta Network, Stader, KelpDAO, Parallel, Pac Finance, Magpie, and Zeeverse. Our investors include Cherubic Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, Red Building Capital (Comma3), Ondine Capital, and received foundation grant from Arbitrum, Solana, and Aptos.

。Job Description:

As our Marketing Director (New Project), your core responsibilities will be:

- Marketing Strategy & Execution: Lead the strategic planning and execution of the new project launch from both marketing and PR perspectives, ensuring *comprehensive positioning* and *compelling messaging* that resonates with the target audience.
- Social Media Strategy & Execution: Develop and implement a comprehensive communication delivery strategy encompassing various mediums such as X, TG, and Discord, 『maximizing reach and engagement』.
- Community Management: Oversee our community across different channels, ensuring people are 『excited』 & 『hyped about upcoming airdrop opportunities and project launch』.
- Team Management: Oversee the whole marketing team on all OKRs and directly report to co-founders.


- Essential:
- Native proficiency in English, with excellent writing and communication skills.
- Minimum 5 years of experience with web-based products, with at least 3 years in lead roles within web3 projects (e.g., DeFi, GameFi).
- Personal experience dealing with crypto assets.
- A self-starting attitude and autonomy in executing new ideas.
- Expertise in growing user bases using the latest technology and tools.
- Desirable:
- Proven track record of successfully launching dApps globally.
- Proficiency in Mandarin is a plus.

。What we offer:

- Competitive compensation package including token allocation.
- Flexible working hours.
- Opportunity to join an ambitious start-up revolutionising a multi-billion dollar industry.
- Collaborative and supportive work environment with remote teams across different time zones.




5500+USD/Monthly + Equity

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