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Web3 Product Manager


Posted 58 days ago

Pollen is DAO Platform and decentralized asset management protocol.

We are a remote, distributed and talented team. We have a very high bar for entry, but we are friendly, flexible and members have autonomy.

You should have 6 years+ professional product management experience with 2 years working on a Web3 product.

Please do not apply unless you meet these criteria.

Skills: Product Management, Scrum, Kanban

The Candidate must have In-depth DeFi and Ethereum knowledge & experience

About Pollen:

Pollen is DAO Platform and decentralized asset management protocol. Pollen leverages an innovative merit-based governance and asset fulfillment model which allows full decentralization while creating new classes of yield-bearing instruments.

Pollen allows for the curation of custom asset pools, which can be tailored for specific use cases or audiences and/or used as a Balancer alternative.

The platform uses governance algorithms and second layer scaling to solve many of the accessibility issues currently experienced in today's DeFi ecosystem.

By focusing on addressing the core issues plaguing DeFi today, Pollen has created a platform that takes a quantum leap forward, bringing the space closer to mainstream adoption.

Pollen is here to make DeFi better for everyone. Welcome to DeFi 2.0


Web3 Product Managment


5000 USD /Month + Equity

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