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About the Company

We're a cutting-edge team behind the Giza protocol, an exciting new project set to bring about the next paradigm shift in machine learning. We are building the foundational infrastructure to have AI Agents connected to smart contracts in a trust-minimized way using ZKML.

About the Job

As we chart new territories, we seek an exceptional Writer / Editor in Residence to distill our complex, technical work into intellectually substantial content that is comprehensible, engaging and inspirational. This role will act as the liaison between our team and the broader public, translating our groundbreaking developments into engaging content that fuels imagination and cultivates in-depth understanding. Target audiences for each piece will vary from general public, AI/web3 enthusiasts, researchers and policy makers.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Craft and refine content that breaks down complex concepts linked to the Giza protocol and provable machine learning models, transforming them into digestible and relatable narratives.
2. Ensure that all content produced maintains Giza’s authentic voice, embodying our ethos and reflecting our revolutionary contributions to AI and web3.
3. Collaborate seamlessly with our technical team, to internalize and translate the latest breakthroughs into speculative and academic writings that ignite the public imagination.
4. Contribute to the production of various types of content, including blog posts, manifestos and foundational articles, social media posts, and website updates.
5. Manage and oversee content schedules and deadlines, ensuring consistent, high-quality output.

Skills and Qualifications:

1. Proven experience as a Writer or Editor, ideally with a background in technical, speculative, or academic writing.
2. Robust understanding of AI and web3 technologies, coupled with the ability to digest and articulate intricate technical concepts.
3. Excellent communication and collaboration skills to interact effectively with our technical team and translate their work into compelling public narratives.
4. A keen eye for detail and commitment to accuracy, ensuring our work is consistently portrayed accurately and coherently.
5. Strong pitching skills and the ability to take an outline and bring it to life with minimal hands-on guidance.
6. Understanding of diverse writing platforms and an ability to find the optimal content-platform fit
7. Ability to balance and meet tight deadlines while maintaining creativity and quality.
8. Degree in English, Journalism, Communications, or a related field, or equivalent experience in the AI, web3, or blockchain sector.

Good to Have:

1. Experience or interest in machine learning and AI research.
2. Experience working within a web3 or blockchain environment.
3. Knowledge of or interest in the open source community and the principles of decentralization.
4. Active participation in relevant online communities, such as tech forums and social media platforms
5. A proactive mindset and willingness to take initiative, along with the ability to work well in a collaborative, team-oriented environment.

Join our cross-functional team of exceptional engineers, system designers, and ecosystem weavers and help us to inspire a new era of provable machine learning models. Your words will enlighten and inspire, making the complex accessible and illuminating.

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Academic Writing, Understanding of AI and web3 technologies, Communication and Collaboration



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