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As a Blockchain Developer with 7 years of experience and Full stack Developer with 9 years of experience
Developed and improved NFT marketplaces and smart contracts using Solidity, React.js, Tailwind CSS, Web3.js,
Node.js, and MySQL.
Designed and implemented Ethereum smart contracts and trading engines using Python to manage portfolios and
improve gas savings.
Conceptualized and developed software licenses on the blockchain to discourage piracy and enable peer-to-peer
marketplaces, allowing developers to accept cryptocurrencies.
Built private blockchains using Hyperledger Fabric to enhance data security and reduce risk exposure.
Developed decentralized social media web applications using React, CSS, Bootstrap, and web3.js/Ethers for integrating
Implemented React High-Order-Components, REST APIs with FeathersJS, and styled React components with Styledcomponents.
Used Enzyme, Jest, and Chai for testing and Lerna for packaging resources to streamline the development process.
Reviewed, analyzed, and optimized server performance using React, Node.js, Django, MongoDB, and Express.
Reduced costs by 94% using an Ethereum smart contract to automate supply chain management processes.
Created and launched 6 decentralized applications based on daily transactions using Ethereum’s smart contracts.
Current Location: Hong Kong Languages: English
Skills: Smart Contract Defi DEX NFT Merkle Tree Html CSS Javascript Typescript Php Visual Studio Code (Vs Code) Heroku Netlify Twilio Azure Amazon Web Services (Aws) Erc-20/erc-721/e

💼 Experience

Blockchain developer Emburse(Remote) DAO
February 2022 to February 2023 (12 mos) ▪️ Full-time ▪️ Hong Kong
Blockchain Development
Improved an NFT marketplace in the Doge chain in which have developed marketplace
contracts in solidity and dApp by React.js, Tailwind CSS, Web3.js, Node.js, MySQL, etc.
Created different kinds of 8 smart contracts, like reflection tokens, farming contracts,
staking contracts, lottery game contracts, etc on a number of networks that support
Reviewed, analyzed, and optimized server performance by 96.7%, using React, Node.jS,
Django, MongoDB, and Express
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