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Highly skilled and experienced Game Developer with over 6 years of development expertise in Unity and Unreal Engine. Proficient in blockchain technology, with a strong understanding of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Passionate about creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences. Strong problem-solving abilities and a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects.
Current Location: The Colony Languages: English (United States)
Skills: Blockchain Development Solidity Machine Learning Unreal Engine Unity

💼 Experience

Chief Technology Officer 5zeroinfo
January 2022 to Present (2 yrs 1 mos) ▪️ Contract ▪️ Remote
Business Development
- Collaborated with a team of developers to design and implement gameplay mechanics for a highly successful mobile game.
- Developed and maintained game systems, including player controls, AI behavior, and physics simulations.
- Integrated blockchain technology into the game to enable in-game asset ownership and trading using smart contracts.
- Conducted regular testing and debugging to ensure smooth gameplay experience and fix any issues.
Junior Game Developer Immersive Gamebox
June 2017 to December 2022 (5 yrs 6 mos) ▪️ Full-time ▪️ Remote
Machine Learning Unity Unreal Engine Game Development
- Assisted senior developers in designing and implementing game features using Unity and Unreal Engine.
- Participated in code reviews and provided constructive feedback to improve code quality and maintainability.
- Collaborated with artists and designers to integrate assets and ensure cohesive gameplay experiences.
- Researched and implemented blockchain technology for a proof-of concept game project.

🎓 Education & Certificates

Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science By University of Dallas
September 2013 to June 2017 (3 yrs 9 mos)
Blockchain Development Javascript C++ PHP Unity
I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Dallas, located in Dallas, TX. Throughout my time at the university, I gained a comprehensive understanding of computer science principles, programming languages, and software development methodologies.
The curriculum at the University of Dallas provided me with a strong foundation in various areas of computer science, including algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented programming. I actively engaged in coursework that involved problem-solving, critical thinking, and hands-on programming
Moreover, I had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students on group projects, which enhanced my teamwork and communication skills. These experiences allowed me to develop a well-rounded skill set and a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science.
During my studies, I also took elective courses that focused on game development and blockchain technology. These courses provided me with specialized knowledge in Unity and Unreal Engine for game development, as well as an understanding of blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, and
decentralized applications.
Overall, my education at the University of Dallas has equipped me with the necessary technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and a strong foundation in computer science to excel in the field of game development, including expertise in blockchain technology.
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