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Open to Offers ๐Ÿ“ Istanbul, Turkey
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๐Ÿ“ Bio

I consider myself an advanced Pythonista developer who is building on top of Blockchain. I have taken part in leading Blockchainโ€™s Backend projects of NFT, NFT Marketplace, Launchpads, and other similar projects. I do use FastAPI and MongoDB stack, however, I am completely agile to use any other Python-built backend framework integrated with any type of database upon request as well.

I can easily adapt to the team, ecosystem, and tech stack, so if I would join the team, it would not take that much time to get used to the environment.

In my free time, I love developing open-source Web3 tools, and if asked, can include the company name as a supporter of those future projects also. I research a lot and take too many advanced courses in both backend and blockchain to improve the logic and the code quality over time with smoother user experience and faster transactions while being safer.

With my team, we attended 3 blockchain hackathons within the last year, and got placed 3rd, 2nd, and finally the first 1st in them accordingly. Feel free to check about my team and university club below:

I have been working on the backend and smart contract testing in Python in the hackathons we attended.

Currently advancing myself in Python with FastAPI backend, on which have worked in multiple Blockchain DApps. Meanwhile, I am creating open-source projects based on what I have learned and created blogs on ( regarding their use cases. I also do provide all of my projects and blogs with detailed explanations and docs as well as any code that I write, so anyone else can understand it easily in the first read.

I speak 4 languages fluently: English (native), Turkish (native), Russian (advanced), and Azerbaijani (first language), whereas, do not really think we are going to face any language barrier while getting in touch.

Lastly, I am one of the 28 chosen entrepreneurs out of 132.748 applicants at Girisimcilik Vakfi (Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation) in 2022.

The open-source and hackathon projects list can be found below:

- DApp API with FastAPI (open-source)
- MedipolDAO: Digiathon Hackathon (e-Government Project)
- MedipolDAO: ReFi Avalanche x Akbank Hackathon (3rd place)
- MedipolDAO: Informatics Valley: Open-Source Blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse Hackathon (1st place)
- MedipolDAO: Avalanche Istanbul Hackathon (2nd place)
- Open-Source OpenCV2 Guide:
- CIA Factbook Analysis and FastAPI Integration:
- Open-Source Dev Toolbox CLI for the Developers:

My Blogs:

My contact addresses can be found at:
Social Media:

๐Ÿ More Details

๐ŸŒ Locations: Istanbul, Turkey, Remote

๐Ÿ’ฌ Languages: English, Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani

๐Ÿ’ฐ Expectations: $5,500 USD / month

๐ŸŽ“ University: Istanbul Medipol Unversity, 2023

โœ… Social & Projects

๐Ÿ”’ Additional information

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