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I have over 3 years of experience in Rust based blockchain development. As a Rust Engineer, my experience includes a variety of blockchain developing opportunities. During my time at XP Foundry (Playrooniverse), I was invited by the CTO to develop the NFT quest and stake-pool smart contracts for their game, Rooniverse. In this role, I successfully merged NFTs and pNFTs to represent new game levels, and customized smart contracts to overcome limitations of the original setup.
When I worked for Molana company, I led the smart contract lifecycle improvements and managed an internal security audit with Halborn. I enjoy writing clean and efficient code in Rust, and I've worked on various projects, including refactoring trading contracts with the Anchor framework and designing tokenomics scenarios. One of the most proudest thing is my commitment to Molana. There, I started as a junior blockchain developer and grew into a lead engineer. This experience has given me a deep understanding of the entire development process and the ability to manage teams effectively.
Current Location: Lake Park, FL, USA Languages: English
Skills: Blockchain Development Javascript Rust

💼 Experience

Solana Blockchain Engineer Molana Pte. Ltd.
July 2022 to March 2024 (1 yrs 8 mos) ▪️ Full-time
Blockchain Development Javascript Rust
Product : https://defi.molana.finance/ , https://www.molana.finance/
Lead Blockchain Engineer Role
- Led smart Contract Lifecycle Improvements
- Led Internal Security Audit with Halborn
- Managed Github Version Control - Designed Blockchain Training Tasks
- Managed Jira Tickets/Agile Dev Cycle
- Pointed Teammates to the Right Direction Everyday
Senior Blockchain Engineer Role
- Refactored Molana Trading Contract with Anchor framework and Versioned Transaction
- Designed Tokenomics & Token Vesting Scenario
- Conducted Deep Dive Unit Testing & Integration Testing
- Pyth & Powerful Custom Oracle Price Implimentation
Junior Blockchain Engineer Role
- Bridged fiat payments (Payoneer) with the blockchain
- Developed Molana Trading Contract
- Implemented Yield Farming, Compounding
Solana Blockchain Developer Molana Team
January 2022 to June 2022 (5 mos) ▪️ Contract
Blockchain Development Javascript Rust
- Implemented Yield Farming, Compounding
- Implemented Token Swap, Staking, Bond
- Developed Token Launchpad, NFT Utility Contracts
- Developed Solana <-> EVM Bridge (Cross Chain Swap) - Worked on Powerful Oracle, DAO, Racing game
- Worked on Betting, Gaming, StableCoin
Solana Fullstack Engineer XP Foundry
August 2020 to December 2021 (1 yrs 4 mos) ▪️ Full-time
Blockchain Development Javascript Rust

- Developed NFT quest & stake-pool smart contract, Dynamic NFT
- Implemented Frontend Integration
Product : https://www.playrooniverse.com/

Rust / Bitcoin Developer Molana Team
September 2017 to May 2020 (2 yrs 8 mos) ▪️ Contract
Javascript Rust

- Focused on simplicity and small code
- Utilized versatile data model - Implemented top-notch performance, especially during initial indexing

🎓 Education & Certificates

Bachelor’s Degree, computer and information sciences By Florida International University
August 2013 to August 2017 (4 yrs 0 mos)
Javascript Python React Rust C++

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