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📝 Bio

Crypto, blockchain, NFTs, and web3 degen.

I discovered this passion one year and a half ago. From my point of view, blockchain technology is revolutionary but people do not realize its full potential yet. I'm aware of everything that happens inside the web3 space and I believe that the next big companies will rise from this industry and I want to be ready for the future. For reference, I worked as a contributor to Bulls On The Block, an OG NFT project and I am part of Stakeborg DAO community, a Romanian DAO. I am also part of some Discord alpha groups.

I am familiar with concepts such as non-custodial wallets, CeFi, DeFi, DAO, NFTs, minting, smart contracts, nodes, warp transactions, bots, gas wars, gas fee, layer 1s, layer 2s, hot wallets, cold wallets, staking, Ledger, OpenSea, trading NFTs, Looksrare, X2Y2, Solana NFTs, alpha groups, crypto gaming, GameFi, Play2Earn, yield, APY, bridging, trading, swapping, deposits and withdrawals, adding liquidity on DEX pools such as Uniswap and Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, utilizing Dapps, using Discord/Twitter/Telegram, etc

I also took Solidity courses in order to understand smart contracts and code better. I have some experience with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Solidity. I managed to deploy my first smart contracts on the Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon blockchains.

I am up to date with everything that happens inside the crypto space. I take all the information firsthand right from Twitter.

My professional experience revolves around digital advertising. I worked inside a performance marketing agency in the past 5 years and I've done SEO and PPC, social media marketing, some copywriting, and some design. My strengths are social media marketing and search engine marketing, be it Google Ads or SEO optimization, I can do both.

🏝 More Details

🌍 Locations: Romania, Remote

💬 Languages: English, Romanian

💰 Expectations: 60.000-70.000$

🎓 University: 2017, Bachelor's Degree in Management and Business Administration from the University of Bucharest

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