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My story is a testament to my continuous growth and evolution in the world of software development and technology. What makes me great is a combination of my diverse skills, extensive experience, and my ability to adapt to new and emerging technologies. Here's what sets me apart:

1. **Versatile Skill Set:** I possess a wide-ranging skill set that encompasses multiple programming languages, from Java to Solidity, as well as a strong background in mathematics and fuzzy logic. This versatility enables me to tackle a wide variety of technical challenges.

2. **Blockchain Expertise:** My in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, particularly in Solidity, showcases my proficiency in one of the most transformative and cutting-edge areas of technology. My leadership role as a Lead Solidity Developer further demonstrates my expertise.

3. **Proven Leadership:** My experience as a CTO and Lead Solidity Developer, where I led and mentored teams, conducted code reviews, and managed projects, reflects my leadership and management skills. It also highlights my ability to oversee complex projects and ensure their success.

4. **Problem-Solving:** My background in mathematics and fuzzy logic equips me with strong problem-solving skills, which are invaluable in the world of software development, especially when dealing with complex and intricate systems.

5. **Industry Experience:** My extensive history in various software and technology companies, from UnIT to Nethermind, demonstrates my adaptability and resilience in the ever-changing tech industry. I've navigated different roles and environments successfully.

6. **Innovation:** My introduction of Rust on Near for a project under agile conditions and my work on cutting-edge projects in DeFi at Nethermind showcase my innovative spirit and willingness to embrace new technologies.

7. **Education:** My educational background, including a Master of Applied Mathematics and postgraduate studies, adds an academic foundation to my practical experience.

In summary, what makes me great is my adaptability, leadership, expertise in blockchain technology, problem-solving abilities, and my continuous pursuit of innovation in the ever-evolving tech industry. My story is one of a dynamic and accomplished professional who is well-equipped to excel in a variety of technology-related roles and make significant contributions to the field.
Current Location: Ukraine Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Skills: Java Product Management Project Management Solidity

💼 Experience

Lead Solidity Developer Nethermind
April 2022 to June 2023 (1 yrs 2 mos) ▪️ Contract ▪️ Remote
Blockchain Development Javascript Solidity
Led Solidity development, authored unit/coverage/integration tests, conducted code
reviews, and proposed solutions. Mentored junior team members through code
reviews. Performed security testing using Slither and Echidna. Introduced Rust on
Near for a project under agile conditions (SCRUM).
Project: DeFi, options strategies for institutional clients with KYC/AML
(official release is pending).
August 2016 to March 2022 (5 yrs 7 mos) ▪️ Full-time ▪️ Kyiv, Ukraine
Java Product Development Product Management Project Management Leadership
Skills: Project management, Product Owner, SCRUM-Master, Lead Android Software

Projects (as PM, Scrum-Master, or Product Owner): Booking.uz.gov.ua,
Travelbook.ua, iOS-app "Railway tickets," Kyiv citizen card, Automatic fixation traffic
violations system, Bdr.mvs.gov.ua, iOS-app "Traffic fines," Telegram-bot "Штрафи
ПДР," Automatic fixation weigh violations system, Smashup.app, iOS and Android
apps "SmashUp," Cipherme.com, iOS-app "CipherMe," and more.

Projects (as Dev): Smart-contracts, Android-app "Railway tickets,"
Android-app "Traffic fines," Android-app "CipherMe."
Android Software Engineer/SCRUM-Master New IT Solutions Ltd
April 2012 to July 2016 (4 yrs 3 mos) ▪️ Full-time ▪️ Kyiv, Ukraine
Java SQL Databases Leadership
Skills: Proficient in Android development, REST, SQLite, Services, Providers,
Fragments, AndroidAnnotations, Threading and Synchronization, UIDesign, Unit and
Integration Tests, Google Analytic API, Picasso, NineOldAndroids.

Responsibilities: Developed mobile applications for file synchronization, sharing,
and user file management, with millions of installations.
Delphi/JScript/DataBase Software Engineer TerraSoft
April 2007 to October 2007 (6 mos) ▪️ Full-time ▪️ Kyiv, Ukraine
Javascript SQL Databases

Developed configurations for Terrasoft CRM based on client requirements and later
worked on the core of Terrasoft CRM.

Delphi/C++ Software Engineer UnIT
November 2007 to March 2011 (3 yrs 4 mos) ▪️ Full-time ▪️ Kyiv, Ukraine
Managed development and programming in various projects, including plategka.com,
medinfo.ua, cryptography library, applets for VisaCards, network data protection,
"Social card of the Kyiv's Citizen," and more.
Delphi Software Engineer/Head of IT-Department LLC Ostriv
December 2003 to March 2007 (3 yrs 3 mos) ▪️ Full-time ▪️ Odesa, Ukraine
C++ C Product Development Product Management Project Management

Developed and managed two generations of trading terminals for
forex trading, as well as additional products for internal use.

🎓 Education & Certificates

Master’s Degree, Intellectual Property By Institute of Intellectual Property of National University "Odesa Academy of Law," Kyiv, Ukraine,
October 2008 to May 2011 (2 yrs 7 mos)

Post-Master’s Certificate, Applied Math By Odesa National University,
September 2006 to May 2010 (3 yrs 8 mos)

Master’s Degree, Applied Math By Odesa National University, Ukraine
September 2000 to June 2006 (5 yrs 9 mos)

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