We want to improve customer satisfaction by caring for them and finding + implementing ways to improve the customer journey. Our mission is to teach and educate customers on DeFi, and provide them with all the tools to leverage the Decentralized Ecosystem.
DeFi Education
βœ… Remote ⏰ Since 2022 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό 11 - 50 Employees

😎 Our Culture

<p>Being part of a company where you are truly valued and your innovation appreciated goes a long way. Our team is humble and down to earth and we achieve our goals as a united team. Having an β€œopen door” policy, even in a fully remote setting, and knowing that everyone is willing to help adds to a very positive employee experience. Our principles below is what gives us guidance and leads to our continuous success:</p><ol><li>Customer Obsession. As long as our customers are happy, everything will be alright.</li><li>Laser-Focus. Our attention span is our most precious asset.</li><li>Long-term thinking. Only big plays.</li><li>Excellence and constant self-improvement are hygiene standards.</li><li>Radical honesty and transparency are practiced like a religion. This saves a lot of time, which ultimately is the only incompressible resource.</li><li>Total ownership is taken in any situation. Reality is created by our beliefs and the sum of our collective actions. No external circumstance has the power to remove this responsibility.</li><li>The only limits are the ones that we set for ourselves. It's our duty to push it further day by day.</li><li>Moving at an uncomfortable pace is a good sign. It means that we are going at the right speed.</li><li>Respect your body, respect your mind. Our body is our greatest gift, and we take good care of it accordingly.</li><li>Take massive action. Don't overthink. Just do it.</li></ol><p><strong>Perks</strong></p><ul><li>Competitive Salary</li><li>Trips to Dubai, etc</li><li>Unlimited PTO</li><li>Fully Remote with a very supportive team. You have the ability to work from anywhere in the world!</li></ul>

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Decentralized Masters

DeFi Analyst and Educator

Decentralized Masters
πŸ’Ό Tech ⏰ Full Time 🌍 Remote
Published on 12 Jun 2023
πŸ‘€ Views: 5772
πŸ”₯ Applications: 196
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Decentralized Masters

DeFi Mentor

Decentralized Masters
πŸ’Ό Tech ⏰ Full Time 🌍 Remote
Published on 16 May 2023
πŸ‘€ Views: 3431
βœ… Applications: 38
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