We believe that patients and researchers should collaborate. We also believe that patients should have a say in the medicine that is being developed and that researchers should be allowed to work on the research projects that they want without the bureaucratic funding barriers they may face. This is what we work to do, and we’re doing this by building communities and the latest technology, all in a decentralized fashion.
Biotech & Biomedical Pharmaceuticals
πŸ“ Berlin ⏰ Since 2019 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό 11 - 50 Employees πŸ’² Pays in Crypto

😎 Our Culture

<p><strong>Our values</strong><br><br><strong>High Standards</strong>: We have a relentless drive for excellence and set the bar high for ourselves and those around us. This is what sets us apart and drives our success.</p><p><strong>Purpose</strong>: Our work has a higher purpose of serving patients and researchers and we're committed to making a positive impact. We strive to bring meaning to everything we do.</p><p><strong>Innovation</strong>: We're always pushing boundaries and seeking new solutions. Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We always explore new technologies and tools to see if they can enable a better experience.</p><p><strong>Care</strong>: We care about our team and the impact we have on the world. It's this dedication that sets us apart.</p><p><strong>Autonomy</strong>: We believe in empowering our team to make decisions and take ownership of their work. Autonomy drives innovation and growth.</p><p><strong>Humility</strong>: We believe that the greatest ideas come from humble collaboration. We encourage an open and inclusive environment where all voices are heard.<br><br><strong>Benefits and life with us πŸͺ</strong><br>&nbsp;</p><p>πŸͺ™ <strong>A competitive compensation package</strong>: We believe in fairly compensating our team members and base our cash-based compensation on salary research conducted across four diverse continents.</p><p>πŸ” <strong>Career progression</strong>: At Molecule, we're committed to supporting our team members' professional growth. We offer opportunities for career progression and support ongoing learning and development.</p><p>🏝️ <strong>Paid time off</strong>: We value work-life balance and offer generous paid time off, hobby days, and mental health days to ensure that our team can recharge and come back to work refreshed.</p><p>&nbsp;πŸ›« <strong>Paid travel to Europe &amp; US for conferences and hackathons</strong>: We believe in staying at the forefront of our industry and invest in our team by providing opportunities for paid travel to attend conferences and hackathons in Europe and the US.</p><p>πŸ‘­ <strong>Regular off-sites</strong>: We encourage team building and collaboration through regular off-sites across Europe. These events provide opportunities for team members to connect, bond, and work together in a relaxed setting.</p>

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