Swarm Foundation (SF) is a non-profit organization established in 2021 in Switzerland. It is a key organization at the forefront of decentralized storage and blockchain. The foundation’s mission is to empower digital freedom by promoting the development and maintenance of the Swarm network and its community. Swarm Foundation does so by supporting many different initiatives worldwide, either through financial grants or other types of support. The Operations team drives the core activities that allow Swarm Foundation achieve its mission on a daily basis, either by maintaining the functioning processes or creating new ones, when needed.<br /> Swarm Foundation empowers digital freedom by making data unstoppable which reclaims privacy for the individual, and brings trust into the data economy, in a decentralised, open, trustless, censorship-resistant, and game-changing way.
Information Technology & Services Technology
πŸ“ Switzerlant, NeuchΓ’tel βœ… Remote ⏰ Since 2021 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό 11 - 50 Employees

😎 Our Culture

<p>PLUR and radical honesty.</p>

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Swarm Foundation
πŸ’Ό Community Manager ⏰ Contract 🌍 Remote
Published on 01 Feb 2021
πŸ‘€ Views: 8814
πŸ”₯ Applications: 150
Swarm Foundation

Bee Product Owner

Swarm Foundation
πŸ’Ό Tech ⏰ Contract 🌍 remote
Published on 02 Mar 2023
πŸ‘€ Views: 4409
βœ… Applications: 36
Swarm Foundation

Accounting Consultant

Swarm Foundation
πŸ’Ό Tech ⏰ Contract 🌍 Remote
Published on 02 Jun 2023
πŸ‘€ Views: 6239
πŸ”₯ Applications: 69

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Swarm Summit
date πŸ’» Online. 🎟 FREE πŸš€ Swarm Foundation
πŸ‘€ 328 Views βœ… 2 Attendees
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