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About the Job

Job Description
This is an exciting opportunity to join Lovelace World’s growing team as Chief Marketing Officer / Executive Vice President of Marketing Operations - a strategic role that drives the fundamental growth of the company globally and helps establish our brand in a rapidly growing industry. You will work cross-functionally to understand the company’s marketing needs, act as a company brand ambassador, develop and maintain strong social communities, and drive revenue growth through marketing-centric partnerships.

Required Experience
3+ years of prior work experience in high level marketing management for cryptocurrency/blockchain startup, software company, or technology project company
Highly proficient in digital marketing and developing a social media presence for a cryptocurrency company from the startup stage
Strong understanding of cryptocurrency/blockchain marketing concepts and initiatives including: Twitter and Discord marketing strategies, Telegram community development, KOL and influencer networking and utilization, growth-hacking methods, and developing strategies for organic community growth
Prior experience in narrative-based copywriting, editing, visual content creation, and social media content creation
Excellent interpersonal, writing, communication, and management skills
Ability to work with team members ranging from external assets and contractors to high-level management and company founders.
Have a proven track record working autonomously and launching high impact marketing campaigns from inception to execution

Preferred Additional Experience
Established portfolio of media agencies, content creators, and PR contacts to develop company’s network and expand marketing assets
Existing relationships in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space to leverage for marketing promotions, networking, partnerships, etc.
Strong understanding of marketing and growth analytics and data-driven marketing practices
Established portfolio of media agencies, content creators, and PR contacts to develop company’s network and expand marketing assets
Formal education, Bachelor’s or Master's Degree in Marketing
Prior experience in develop guerilla marketing strategies, proof of marketing strategies, and KOL accountability processes

Roles and Responsibilities
Create marketing content strategies for various product releases and project updates and continuously review to keep up with a constantly evolving market
Collaborate with executive, technology, and business development teams to plan marketing content around product releases and initiatives
Work to consistently drive social community growth and engagement through innovative promotions, experimentation, and KOL/influencer programs
Build a marketing funnel to achieve accelerated new user acquisition and grow our correspondence database
Support networking efforts to foster strong partnerships based in collaborative marketing and technology trades
Take ownership of Lovelace’s brand voice, tone, and story to develop a consistent marketing message aligned with long-term company goals
Hire, onboard, and cross-train all marketing personnel and external assets
Create marketing departmental processes for: project management, account management, and external asset management

Skills and Experience

Project Management
Networking and Outreach
Strategic Planning and Vision
Account Management
Data Analysis and Interpretation
Community Growth and Engagement
Customer Relationship Management
Ability to Manage, Lead, and Supervise


Social Media, Project Management, Data Analysis and Interpretation


$10,000 Monthly + Token Allocation and other perks

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