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About the Job

ABC FinTech Chief Marketing Officer Job Description
Who is ABC?
ABC FinTech and our sibling company ABC Tokens reside at the intersection of cryptocurrency and commercial real estate. We will soon be deploying our Asset Backed Cryptocurrency (backed by commercial real estate), ABC Tokens, which represents a fractional interest in a diversified commercial real estate portfolio. Utilizing Blockchain technology our Security Tokens will give retail investors access to quality commercial real estate investments that have previously been only accessible for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. In addition, when listed on the exchanges it will provide an element of liquidity typically unavailable in real estate investing.
Start-ups and early-stage high-growth companies are not for everyone. Building a $1B real estate portfolio and deploying 40M security tokens over the next five years is no small task. That’s what we are going to do, with or without you. If you get an adrenaline rush from going 130 MPH with your hair on fire this may be the opportunity you’re looking for.
What’s the opportunity and what will I be doing?
As the Chief Marketing Officer, you will be responsible for defining and driving our marketing and communication strategy and programs. We need you to work directly with our Co-Founders, to roll up your sleeves and get started helping us to develop and execute the marketing and communication strategy.
Although being designated as the CMO, the position is heavily about marketing communications, “MarCom.” You will be deeply imbedded in helping to define and articulate the company and executive narratives, working with media, and other avenues to raise awareness and understanding of ABC and our unique position in the space. This messaging will be a key in building brand awareness.
The CMO is a critical role for the company at a critical time for us and presents a unique and exciting opportunity for the right individual. You will be coming in on the ground floor and need to be a team player that has enough experience and self-confidence to get the job done but not so much ego that it gets in your way of doing the job. If this sounds like you then continue to read more about this job.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Set clear objectives and goals, research and define target audiences, develop marketing and communication strategies, and measure adoption. You will also conduct customer research and apply your insights to these and other initiatives.
Drive the evolution of our brand positioning, bringing it to life in a clear and consistent way that resonates with and motivates our target audiences. You will promote the company as an innovator to the press and public, and oversee outbound communications across our website, blog, social media channels and the media world in general.
Deepen relationships with key partners. You will nurture existing relationships with key partners, aligning on mutual goals and driving adoption through a variety of co-marketing efforts.
Handle corporate communications to deliver a brand-consistent message.
Manage the company website and social media presence, updating information provided on the sites to better serve customers.
Obtain customer feedback and funnel the information to the management team so that adjustments can be made.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Possesses exceptional verbal and written communication skills as well as strong presentation abilities.
Multitasking skills, being able to manage multiple tasks and have excellent follow up skills, both internally and externally.
Self-starter with ability to self-manage project assignments from start to finish with minimal oversight.
Manage customer segmentation strategy and develop smart attribution modeling, ensuring we reach the right audience with the right message, at the right place and time.
Have the ability to tell stories and incorporate these stories into ABC’s messaging in a unique and meaningful way that resonates with our token holders and potential token holders.
Technical production skills are necessary and require a demonstrated ability to effectively use database applications, Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite. Experience with video production is a plus.
Ability to balance multiple short-term deadlines against long-term goals
Define, measure and report the performance of all paid marketing channels/campaigns and assess against ROI and KPI goals including token holder acquisition and retention.
Who You Are
Have a deep appreciation for how cryptocurrency is changing our world.
Adjusts to change smoothly and rapidly.
Exhibits superior organizational skills and strategic planning abilities.
Has strong interpersonal skills as well as negotiation and persuasion abilities.
Possesses excellent time management skills and the ability to multi-task effectively.
Shows strong leadership skills.
Has the ability to network and leverage contacts effectively.
Education and Experience
Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, journalism, communications or business administration
ABC’s CMO will need experience in the following domains: the fintech space, cryptocurrency, financial services, and technology marketing or sales.
Knowledge in the commercial real estate space is a plus.
A mix of start-up and big company experience is preferred. Personal attributes sought include: high levels of creativity, energy, positivity, honesty, communication, cooperation and drive.
A candidate’s digital marketing toolkit should be beyond full; battle tested and optimized. We expect experience with multiple digital marketing channels including, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Partner marketing, SEO, remarketing and pay-per click.
Show off points will be awarded to those with successful executions of a freemium business model and viral advertising.
Work Environment
Initially this position will work remotely but it is likely that it will evolve into an office position. We have all changed our views on remote work through the Pandemic and at this point that remains an open question for us.
You must be able to juggle a schedule that gets the job done and can accommodate meetings with the team.
This position will start out as a parttime role that we anticipate growing into a full-time role in a relatively short time, with the compensation being comprised of some combination of cash, cryptocurrency and equity based on experience and what you are not only capable of contributing but how you impact our success.
ABC is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to status as a protected veteran or a qualified individual with a disability, or other protected status, such as race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or age.
If you have read this far not only should you have a very good idea of what/who we are looking for but you also recognize we are searching for a Unicorn, not a perfect Unicorn, just a really good one that can help us to get better and we can help to make them and their lives even better through this opportunity. As we said earlier start-ups and early-stage high-growth companies are not for everyone. This will be a great opportunity for someone who wants to be an integral part of the leadership team of something very special. If you have a sound set of core values, a good work ethic, are teachable and bright we strongly encourage you to forward your resume and salary history directly to Doug McCright for consideration. All inquiries, resumes and applicants will be kept in strict confidence.
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