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About the Company is a leading publication media resource in the cryptocurrency industry and, as such, holds editorial independence and journalistic integrity in the highest regard. Being a reputable publication in the emerging technologies space, strives for fair, honest, and accurate reportage, devoid of any bias and influence.

About the Job

As the Content Editor for you will have the following skill and responsibilities:

Manage a large volume of content and delegate that content to a team;
Ensure that the content meets strict SEO guidelines;
Ensure that content is correctly formatted;
Ensure that content is correctly categorized;
Ensure that both internal and external links are intact;
Ensure that internal links do not contain the same anchor text linking to different pages;
Be responsible for content refresh projects where we update existing content with new information;
Meet with the SEO team biweekly to review the performance of the content and solve any issues that may arise;
Make sure all the content passes Grammarly;
QA the content after it has been uploaded, not just prior;
Communicate feedback from the SEO team to the writers;
Train and coach the writers to continually improve;
Hit traffic targets set forth by the SEO team;
Ability to focus on multiple tasks and to do everything in a timely manner;
Experience in checking sources for the accuracy of stats and quotes cited.


grammarly, editing