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Content Writer


Posted 103 days ago

As Content Writer at PolyGoon your historical knowledge of cryptocurrency and inside experience will be responsible for developing PolyGoon global content strategy across all our owned media channels including our website, community channels, social media, and blog.

What You Will Do.
-Build the foundation: You'll take charge of writing new content about our project, the content can sometimes be technical, knowledge of smart contract is appreciated
-Tell our story: Your advanced crypto knowledge will help the blockchain world understand what makes us unique. As we continue to grow, define the narratives and stories that will excite and inspire PolyGoon communities while building confidence with our audiences.
-Create, create, create: Grow our presence with brilliant content that speaks to the emotions of traders and tech enthusiasts. You will be present on our telegram channels

-experience with content management, growth marketing and social media management
-Advanced crypto knowledge / smart contract
-Familiar with the emerging DeFi landscape and what differentiates projects from one another
-Familiar with technical aspects of crypto that can speak at all levels of our users understanding
-Strong English writing, editing and communication skills
-An active social media user including Telegram

A little about us:
PolyGoon is a decentralized Exchange / yield farming Dapp and synthetic asset on layer 2. We offer a easy access to Defi by facilitating interoperability between already existing projects, and by providing a multitude of necessary tools.

The PolyGoon team: We are a community team, matic users, big names in the Matic eco system have already joined us, and we will try to collaborate as much as possible with the Matic community


Content writer


5000 USD / Month + Equity

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